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9′ Foot Tall Aliens Landed In Russia


Mass UFO sighting in Voronezh, Russia witnessed by dozens of people including vivid descriptions of 9′ Foot Tall Beings UFO-Aliens-8-foot-tall-Russia-1989emerging from the space craft was a major news story in 1989 in Russia which seems to have been swept under the rug. Witnesses said the beings looked human-like but were extremely tall, giant in stature. The descriptions are very similar to what many believe the Anunnaki Aliens look like. Or they could also describe their believed offspring of the Nephilim.

The encounter became a media sensation in Russian and the International Press. Drawings by children who witnessed the landings astounded the world. What is remarkable for the credibility of the sighting is the underlying theme with all the witnesses claiming the extraterrestrials were huge in size.

This video below documents the sighting and long line of eyewitness interviews and childrens drawings that were featured on the Russian News reporting.

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