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Advanced AI computers learn to code THEMSELVES


COMPUTERS with artificial intelligence (AI) has developed the ability to code itself, putting millions of jobs at risk and paving the way for the rise of the machines.

Microsoft and Cambridge University have teamed up to create AI software which has the ability to write code for itself.

The sophisticated machine known as DeepCoder has the ability to solve its programming problems by stealing codes from other programs.

The research paper from the two establishments says that the development is a huge step towards powerful AI and will also allow people to develop programs much easier.

The paper reads: “We have found several problems in real online programming challenges that can be solved with a program in our language.

“A dream of artificial intelligence is to build systems that can write computer programs.”

Coding has been described as one of the most important skills of the future, and a recent survey from job markets firm Burning Glass found that as many as seven million job openings in 2015 required some form of coding skills.

But with AI now having the ability to code itself, it could put many budding coders out of work.

A recent report from the United Nations (UN) revealed AI is set to displace millions of workers across the globe as scientists storm towards making machines with human-level intelligence.

While many firms will welcome the news of free labour that will be more efficient than humans, it will leave many people worried about their economic future.

The report from the UN warn that people in the developing world are at the most risk of losing their jobs to “disruptive technologies” and the study states that the process is already in full swing.