Paranormal Phenomena

Angelic figure caught on tape



A man captured something strange on camera during a hunting trip in Michigan. While reviewing the photos from the game camera, he noticed an image of an angelic figure in a wooded area. The photo instantly went viral on Facebook this month.

A man named David submitted a photo of what he believes to be an angel to the website Angels & Ghosts. In the image, an angelic figure can be seen hovering over a field near a wooded area.

“This pic was taken in northern lower Michigan with a motion sensored hunting tree cam. I thought I’d e-mail it to you guys. I have a friend that owns a photo store and I asked him to debunk the pic. He couldn’t debunk it. Let me know what you think,” the submitter said to Louis Charles of Angels & Ghosts.

According to the submitter an unnamed image expert with over 25 years of experience analyzed the photo and said that the image was the “coolest pic he ever saw” and he couldn’t debunk it.

“We could not explain this photo of what looks like an angelic spirit and audiences writing in have also been enamored with the photo,” Louis Charles of Angels & Ghosts said.