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Archaeologists find Turkish dungeons believed to have held Dracula


USA Today and The Week are just two that have reported today, Sept. 29 that archaeologists believed that they have discovered the Turkish dungeon that held Vlad the Impaler. This was located at the Tokat Castle in Turkey. The team has discovered two dungeons, tunnels, a military shelter, and the Pervane Baths. They have been excavating the castle since 2009. Tokat Castle is located in northern Turkey.

This big new find was made during the one of many restorations that the archaeologists have been doing as of late. The project that they have been doing for the past ten weeks was restoring the castle’s defensive bastions. The archeologists believe that Vlad the Impaler and his brother Radu were held in those dungeons by the Ottoman Turks in 1442. Though it’s hard to pinpoint the exact room that the brothers were imprisoned in, the archeologist Ibrahim Çetin said that Vlad was somewhere around there. He was very certain on that fact. Vlad III was born in the 1431.

“The Impaler” got his name because of his reputation as a cruel and ruthless leader. He also became popular in the modern age because of the infamous vampire, Dracula, which is thanks to the late 19th century writer Bram Stoker. The truth and myth about Vlad the Impaler has been a plot for many books and movies throughout the ages since “Dracula” was released in the late 1880s. Now with the new movie “Dracula Untold” coming out in October, this news seem to work perfect for the movie’s release.

Credit: http://www.examiner.com/