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Boy, 5, has incredible ability to attract metal objects like X-Men villain Magneto


Doctors have been left baffled by a five-year-old boy who can stick metal objects to his skin – just like X-Men’s Magneto.

Erman Delic’s parents are mystified after noticing their young boy’s unusual talent as a human magnet .

Incredible footage shows cutlery appearing to be attracted to the youngster – as he manages to stick three spoons, one fork and 13 coins to his chest, with more still attached to his back.

Erman’s family, from Malesic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, took him to a doctor to make sure that nothing is wrong after they spotted him sticking the object to himself while watching television.

But medics were unable to explain his bizarre condition and were left baffled what was causing it.



The boy has been compared to Marvel Comics baddie Magneto, who is a fictional mutant subspecies of human born with the ability to generate and control magnetic fields.

The footage of Erman comes just months after nine-year-old Mehmet Sumbul, from Turkey, was filmed attracting metal spoons and forks on his chest and back.

The youngster told local media at the time that his body can also do the same trick with screws, metal ashtrays as well as mobile phones.

Mehmet, who lives in the city of Antalya, said: “I am seen as a strange person.

“When I’m angry, my magnetic field becomes stronger.


“Now I have a fork and a spoon on my body, I feel like a magnet.”

His dad Huseyin added: “He can attract any type of small kitchenware.

“I haven’t taken him to the hospital because he has no health issues.

“He is doing well at school and is good at sports too.”

Two years ago, a Russian schoolboy, who was almost killed when knocked out by a massive electric shock, said he had been left with magnetic powers.

Nikolai Kryaglyachenko, 12, was walking home from school when he lent against a lamp post that was live from a faulty wire and was blasted across the pavement.

The phenomenon is sometimes referred to as ‘human magnetism’ and some have said they can also attract other types of materials, such as glass, porcelain, wood or plastic.

Many mainstream scientists however believe that it is in fact nothing more than unusually greasy skin.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/