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Buddhist monk enters trance to spontaneously combust


A Buddhist monk who said it’s time for him to die has decided to lay in a coffin and ‘meditate himself to death’.

The Thai holyman told his followers that if he did indeed pass away, the coffin would self-combust on Thursday.

The monk, Phra Khru Weruwan Chantarungsi, 65, who is also known as Luang Pu Pim, is the abbot of Wat Weruwan temple in Tambon Thung Phra in Thailand – and is in good health, according to temple representatives.

However, his daughter, 41-year-old Chanakarn Srisombat, insisted that he was poorly, according to the Bangkok Post.

She added that he’d died once before in a cave but that a miracle had brought him back to life.

Mr Pim’s coffin was placed outside his living quarters on Tuesday after he’d delivered his last sermon, in which he explained that death something that comes to everyone.

Detractors of Mr Pim’s actions say that he’s being anti-Buddhist, by ‘showing off’. However, his followers strongly refute that he’s seeking attention.

Many of them have stayed at the temple to witness the coffin being consumed by fire.

The coffin has several holes in it, to allow Mr Pim to breathe.

The news follows controversy surrounding a Buddhist Chinese monk after it emerged he had accepted cash to bless a businessman’s Porsche.

Recently everything from palatial new homes to controversial business ventures are beginning to be blessed, but it was the businessman’s request to have his brand-new sports car prayed over in a temple in the city of Xiaogan, in eastern China’s Hubei province, that has really caused anger across the country.

Software development company boss Tao Hung brought the high-performance car to the monk so he could pray that he would drive safely in the vehicle and be ‘lucky’ in always reaching his destinations on time without incident.

But critics have said that the blessing goes against Buddhist tradition and that greed and money are not part of the teachings – in fact greed, hatred, and delusion are known as the three poisons.

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