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CIA files reveal claim Nazis had 2,500mph flying saucer

NAZI FLYING SAUCER: What Adolf Hitler's UFO might have looked like in a mock-up

Unsealed documents from the US spy agency reveal intelligence officials probed claims about Adolf Hitler’s advanced technology.

Nazi flying saucers appear twice in the CIA’s trove of documents as part of their investigations into UFOs.

CIA spooks mark the information as “unevaluated” – but the claims made in the files are extraordinary.

Modern myths have long been associated with Hitler’s secret technology – with outrageous claims going as far to allege the Nazis landed on the Moon.

Files reveal claims the Nazis had a flying saucer that was capable of reaching heights of 12,400 metres in three minutes – with speeds of up to 2,500mph.

CIA files compiled interviews with a German engineer named Georg – or George – Klein from between March 11 and May 20, 1952.

Declassified files recount is testimony, which was published in newspapers in Greece, Iran and the Congo.

Klein claims the Third Reich actually successfully carried out a test of their “flying saucer” in Prague of Valentine’s Day, 1945.

The Czech capital was liberated just months later by the Soviet Union’s advancing Red Army.

NAZI FLYING SAUCER: What Adolf Hitler’s UFO might have looked like in a mock-up

CIA files reveal Klein claimed the the aircraft “reached an altitude of 12,400 metres within 3 minutes and a speed of 1,370mph”.

He claimed the saucer could theoretically reach speeds of 2,500mph – which is more than three times the speed of sound.

Exceeding Mach 3 would make the Nazi saucer almost twice as fast as the state-of-the-art F-35 warplane being rolled out in the US and UK.

Klein claimed the saucer could take-off vertically like a helicopter, and had been in development since 1941.

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