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Creepy AI can now create ‘100 per cent lifelike’ human faces from scratch


Can you tell who is real and who is not? Artificial Intelligence is now able to create lifelike human faces from scratch.

Researchers at NVIDIA have been working on creating realistic looking human faces from only a few source photos for years. 

For many people it’s difficult to tell the difference between one of the faces generated below and an actual human face, can you spot which is which?

The source image – the top row – are the only legitimate photographs of real people, the rest have been computer generated. The programme uses various traits from real people to create new fake people

The team at NVIDIA, released a paper on the subject, and explained they used Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), to customise the realistic looking faces.

The fake faces can be easily customised by using a method known as ‘style transfer’ which blends the characteristics of one image with another.

The generator thinks of the image as a collection of three styles, known as coarse styles (pose, hair, face shape), middle styles (facial features and eyes) and fine styles (colour scheme).

Computer Generated
Computer Generated
Computer Generated

Animals, such as cats, and objects such as a bedroom can also be generated, using the same method. 

The researchers created a grid to show the extent to which they could alter people’s facial characteristics using only one source image.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this is GAN has only be around for four years.

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