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Has The Roswell Mystery Finally Been “Solved”?


According to shock claims, the famous Roswell incident is not as we thought it was. Was the crashed UFO of extraterrestrial origin? Were the dead bodies that of alien beings? The answer could be no.

According to the new book by British UFO hunter Nick Redfern, in an interview that he had with an elderly woman working in Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She said that after World War 2 the US military began experimenting with new technology brought from both Japan and Germany.

They used human guinea pigs to experiment out a new kind of aircraft to test the rigors of high altitude exposure. These human test subjects were Japanese, handicapped people and other prisoners.

The strange symbols found in some of the debris that UFO researchers thought to be Alien hieroglyphics could have been simply Japanese characters.

Could this mean that the bodies retrieved from the wreckage were human and not extraterrestrial?

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Source: http://www.disclose.tv/