Paranormal Phenomena

Large UFO sighting photographed over Manipur, India – Oct 8th 2015


A HUGE Independence Day-like “UFO” partially hidden by clouds has allegedly been seen and photographed by alien hunters.


Shocked eye witneeses claim to have seen a massive circular object hovering above them which looks like the craft from the blockbuster movie.

Witness Lincoln Liba said the huge disc appeared from within a cloud at the same time as a rainbow appeared, before producing these amazing images.

One of the boys is seen pointing up at the object in one of a number of pictures taken.

Students at a hostel in Imphal, India and residents in the area claim to have spotted the UFO last week.


Local weather experts dismissed the case as lenticular clouds – odd, almost oval-shaped cloud formations that have often been mistaken as UFOs in the past.

source: http://www.express.co.uk/