Paranormal Phenomena

Latest Crop Circles Discovered In Europe – 2016


Video collection of the latest crop circles from Europe in June, July 2016.

1. 16th June; Ox Drove near Wylye, Wiltshire, UK
2. 21st June; Chilcomb Down near Winchester, Hampshire, UK
3. 23rd June; The Ridgeway near Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK
4. 24th June; Fulley Wood near Tichborne, Hampshire, UK
5. 28th June; Ringslebenstr, Großziethen near Berlin, Germany
6. 28th June; Blackwood near Popham, Hampshire, UK
7. 29th June; White Sheet Hill near Stourton, Wiltshire, UK
8. 8th July; Stonehenge near Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK
9. 11th July; Northfields near Twyford, Hampshire, UK