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Legendary secret tunnels discovered beneath Mexico


Tunnels under the Mexican city of Puebla have finally been discovered. It is believed that underground tunnels were constructed 500 years ago.


The tunnels are seven meters high and three meters wide. They were discovered accidentally during public works.

Initially, the talks about the tunnels in Puebla were considered an urban legend.

There are four distinct entrances to the tunnels. Underground tunnels spread from Fort Loreto to the Fort of Guadalupe, from Fort Loreto to the district of San Jose, and from Fort Guadalupe to Los Remedios Church.

Sergio Vergara Bermejo, manager of the Cultural Heritage and Historical Center of Puebla stated that the tunnels were probably built in 1531, when the city was created.

It is likely that more similar tunnels exist under the city.

Five million pesos were designated by Puebla’s mayor for excavation and restoration of underground structures, which are covered with mud and silt. The purpose of this investment is to turn the underground tunnels into a tourist attraction.

The city officials are currently keeping the exact location of the tunnels a secret. The city of Pueblo was named as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

Source: http://mirrorspectrum.com/