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Mysterious rock ‘circle’ is spotted on Mars by Nasa’s Curiosity rover

NASA's Curiosity Rover has captured a mysterious circular formation on rocks on the surface of Mars

A mysterious circular rock formation on the surface of Mars has been captured by one of NASA’s Orbiters.

The formation was photographed by the Curiosity Rover this week and has excited alien hunters who invited speculation over how it came to be online.

They suggested that the rocks were ‘arranged’, laid out by another form of life, or that it was part of a larger, buried structure which has never before been seen.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has captured a mysterious circular formation on rocks on the surface of Mars
Alien hunters were excited by the images (above, after color enhancement) and suggested that the rocks had been ‘arranged’ or could even be evidence of a larger, buried structure

‘Whatever we’re seeing here, it’s in a perfect circle and it’s much different from the craters that we normally see on Mars and the moon and throughout the other planets in the solar system. This almost looks like these rocks were arranged in this circular formation.

‘Either that or this could potentially be some sort of ruin. One thing’s for sure, I’ve never seen anything quite like it on Mars. It just looks eerily out of place,’ one space enthusiast said in a video posted by the YouTube channel SecureTeam10.

They compared it to another formation, discovered in 2015, which appeared to bear similarities to Stonehenge.

The ‘discovery’, which was spotted on the top of a raised mound, became known as Marshenge. Experts ruled it out as evidence of alien life, saying it was more likely the result of natural geological phenomenons that are also seen on earth.

Internet users weren’t convinced that the newly-photographed rock circle proved extra-terrestrial existence either.

‘It’s most likely geological. different rock minerals can sometimes make circles like that. The outer circle is made of different mineral than surrounding area,’ said one. In the past, eager enthusiasts have claimed to spot pyramids and tree stumps on the Red Planet.

The Curiosity Rover itself was photographed by another of NASA’s gadgets earlier in the week as it trundled along the Red Planet’s dusty surface.

A stunning new image shows a look at the rocky mountainside terrain of Mars’ Mount Sharp – and, appearing as a bright blue speck at the center, the Curiosity rover can be seen as it presses onward in its uphill mission.

The MRO spotted the car-sized rover on June 5, 2017, just two months ahead of Curiosity’s fifth anniversary of its landing near Mount Sharp.

Rocks and sand can be seen all around the rover, whose color has been enhanced to make it easier to spot.

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