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Mystery of the Russian radio station that has buzzed every day for 40 years


A MYSTERIOUS Russian radio station has been buzzing every day for 40 years – sparking wild theories it’s an alien signal or creepy “Dead Man’s Switch”.

The station – known as The Buzzer or MDZhB – comes from the middle of Russian swampland near St Petersburg and has baffled locals since the 1970s.

Mystery surrounds who is broadcasting the station and what the Buzzer is doing, with conspiracy theories ranging from the Russian military using it to alien research.

The shortwave radio station was first heard in the 1970s and first recorded in 1982.

Although its noise has slightly changed over the years, it has always involved some form of regular buzzing.

But even more spooky, a voice can sometimes be heard reading out a coded message.

The buzzing plays out on a frequency of 4625 kHz, which anyone around the world can tune in to.

The mystery has kept “Truthers” hooked – with a favourite theory that the Buzzer is used to make contact with aliens.

Some believe the sound may be used to communicate with military spies, while another idea is that the Buzzer acts as a “Dead Man’s Switch”.

If this is correct, in the event of a nuclear strike against Russia, MDZhB would stop playing the buzz and launch an automated counter-strike.

The nature of the frequency used by the station allows the transmission to cover vast distances – so for a spy network, it would be possible to transmit outgoing messages.

The radio being used for such a network is one theory – as the code words and numbers intermittently played could be encrypted.

Russia could even use the station in a crisis – instructing their worldwide spies and military forces to standby in certain areas.

Despite all the wild theories and eerie speculation surrounding the Buzzer, no one is yet to discover what the messages are saying and how to break the code.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/