Paranormal Phenomena

NASA’s Curiosity rover takes image of levitating Alien sphere on Mars


Is is possible that this time, NASA’s very own “Alien” rovers captured on image a sphere, belonging to another civilization? According to the latest images beamed back to Earth it is quite possible.


The object in question is a sphere which seems to be “levitating” off the Martian ground according to ufologists.

According to NASA the image was taken on April 10, 2015 by the rover’s Mast Camera (Mastcam), during the 952nd Martian day, or sol. NASA altered the image, according to NASA’s website, “The color has been approximately white-balanced to resemble how the scene would appear under daytime lighting conditions on Earth.”

This image where the “mysterious Alien sphere” is visible, was taken near mount Sharp.

For all of those interested, here is the link to the RAW image by NASA:


Source: http://www.disclose.tv/