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New Terracotta Army Discovered at Ancient Emperor’s Tomb


CHINA’s famous terracotta army is about to be reinforced: Fresh excavations on a burial pit in the ancient capital, Xi’an are expected to uncover 1500 more of the live-sized clay figurines.

The excavation, which began last Thursday, is centred upon a 200sq/m patch of the 56sq/km underground mausoleum of China’s first emperor, Emperor Qinshihuang, who reigned in 221BC.


Archaeologist Yuan Zhongyi told media that he anticipated the burial pit would contain 1400 more terracotta warriors and archers, along with about 90 horse-drawn chariots.

Progress has so far been promising, he said.: “Their colourful paint is also relatively well preserved.”


The excavation site, known as “Pit No. 2”, has previously produced several particularly fine specimines — including one with a distinctive green-coloured face.

The number of clay figurines expected to be uncovered is based on the positioning and density of previous discoveries in the area.


Previous excavations at the Shaaxi Province site uncovered more than 7000 warriors and horses since 1974.