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Researchers create world’s first full bionic man


Meet Frank, the world’s first walking, talking bionic man complete with artificial limbs and a beating HEART

In a scene that wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction blockbuster, researchers have unveiled the world’s first walking, talking bionic man complete with circulatory system and a beating heart.

Called Frank, short for Frankenstein, the six-foot robot is made up of artificial body parts donated by various research centres from around the world, has 200 processors and is covered in over a million sensors.

It was designed by Dr Bertolt Meyer from the University of Zurich, built by a team of engineers at Shadow Robot in London and is currently on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington as part of The Incredible Bionic Man exhibition.



‘The goal is not to replace the human being,’ Dr. Meyer told a press conference on Thursday.

‘The ultimate goal is to provide technology to fix a broken person.’

Dr. Meyer is a social psychologist and was the model for Frank because he has a bionic hand himself.

A total of 200 processors fitted to Frank are powered through 70 circuit boards and 26 individual motors.

The skin of the robot features over one million sensors that can detect touch and changes in temperature.

The London engineers built Frank using 28 of ‘the most advanced artificial body parts available today from laboratories and research centres around the world’ as well as implantable synthetic organs.

Frank’s face was then made of silicone and is a replica of Dr Meyer’s.

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