Paranormal Phenomena

Residents of Argentina Claim Alien Strolls in Neighborhood


TERRIFIED residents have claimed they saw an “alien being” emerging from a UFO, climbing through trees and walking around their neighbourhood. Three students claimed they saw a strange mysterious object circling Argentine city Santa Cruz before landing at around 10pm, local news reported.

A TV news reporter for Notivision said: “Three students were witnesses to the sighting from El Dorado as they returned home.”

One witness said: “Something came down, straight down. A light came straight down, more or less, and they say it lost itself in that tree. It tried to get into that house over there.”

Another woman said: “A very loud sound was heard. All the signals went out. There was no way to record that sound. Suddenly it fell down and disappeared. I don’t know what it could have been.”

Whatever it was, it apparently didn’t stick around for long. They said it climbed through trees before abruptly heading back into its ‘spaceship’ and leaving.

Look, maybe some sort of life force came to our humble planet, slightly curious, quickly browsed our internet to see what humans are really like.

Argentina is no stranger to UFO sightings. Back in 1988, more than 7500 witnesses claimed to see a silver UFO flying over the city of Buenos Aires.

The country actually has its own annual Alien Festival, where thousands of earthlings meet in Capilla del Monte to see if they can spot UFOs flying around.