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Scientists Discover Alien Creature Near Major Nuclear Power Plant


Russian scientists are baffled by the discovery of a small “alien creature” found on the banks of a river near a major nuclear power plant last week. Does this mysterious corpse provide further proof that extraterrestrials are continually visiting us here on earth?


Local news is reporting that the corpse of a “mysterious skull” was found next to River Kovashi on Sunday by two residents in the Russian town of Sosnovy Bor. This is a town that was built in 1958 solely to serve the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. It is said that the locals, who spotted it by chance, initially believed it could be a mutant chicken embryo that had been discarded.


However, local experts have so far been completely unable to say what it is.

One researcher was quoted as saying:

“It seems that this body is neither fish nor fowl – this creature has a mysterious skull, no neck and wings.”

The body was also examined by experts from the Institute of Biophysics in Krasnoyarsk, who said it wasn’t a creature they were familiar with and thus it would be impossible to make a quick identification.

According to Biologist Yegor Zadereev of Krasnoyarsk:

“Extensive studies are needed to determine what kind of creature or organism it is.”

It is thought that this specimen will be immediately sent to Moscow for further testing.

Source: http://locklip.com/