Paranormal Phenomena

STRANGE human-like figure appeared in the clouds above a shopping centre


A strange unknown apparition has appeared above a shopping centre, sending some customers fleeing in terror.

The images of the alleged apparition shows a gigantic humanoid head and torso, tailing off into what could be long robes, similar to Harry Potter dementor.

It was said to have been photographed in the sky above the Mukuba Mall in the city of Kitwe in north-central Zambia.

The figure looks to be composed of a dark solid material rather than being made out of cloud formations themselves.

Judged against the cars and buildings seen in the picture, the apparition would seem to be more than 100 metres long.

Zambian news outlets are reporting that eyewitnesses said the figure stayed in the sky for around half an hour, and seemed to be looking down on the shopping centre below it.