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Stunning 4000 year old Egyptian tomb discovered


Egypt has announced the discovery of a 4,400 year old tomb belonging to a senior official from the fifth dynasty of the pharaohs.

Announcing the discovery was Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani, who said the tomb was “exceptionally well preserved” and many statues of different sizes and colours.

The entrance of a newly-discovered tomb, at the Saqqara necropolis, 30 kilometres south of the Egyptian capital Cairo. Picture: Khaled Desouki / AFP.Source:AFP

The Egyptian Archaeological Mission working at the Sacred Animal Necropolis in Saqqara archaeological site succeeded to uncover the tomb. Picture: Amr Nabil / AP PhotoSource:AP

Mustafa Abdo, was the chief of excavation workers. Picture: Amr Nabil / AP PhotoSource:AP

The site of the tomb is in Saqqara, which is south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Saqqara is also home to the Step Pyramid.

The tomb reportedly belonged to a high priest named “Wahtye”, who during the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, under the reign of King Neferirkare.

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