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Stunning restoration of King Tutankhamun’s tomb revealed as it reopens fully to the public


The Tomb of Tutankhamen has fully reopened following a decade long restoration project.

One of the best known archaeological sites in the world, the Getty Conservation Institute, which carried out the conservation project, today revealed their work for the first time.

Researchers painstakingly cleaned the huge wall art in the tomb – but decided to leave a series of strange mysterious ‘dark spots’ that were there in 1922 when archaeologist Howard Carter first opened the tomb.

The fully restored north wall of the burial chamber depicts three separate scenes, ordered from right to left. In the first, Ay, Tutankhamen’s successor, performs the ‘opening of the mouth’ ceremony on Tutankhamen, who is depicted as Osiris, lord of the underworld. In the middle scene, Tutankhamen, dressed in the costume of the living king, is welcomed into the realm of the gods by the goddess Nut. On the left, Tutankhamen, followed by his ka (spirit twin), is embraced by Osiris.

It was thought that brown spots—microbiological growths on the burial chamber’s painted walls—might be growing.

However, researchers analyzed historic photographs from the mid-1920s and found they showed no new growth of the spots. 

To confirm this finding, DNA and chemical analysis were undertaken and confirmed the spots to be microbiological in origin but dead and thus no longer a threat.

Because the spots have penetrated into the paint layer, they have not been removed since this would harm the wall paintings.

When the tomb was discovered in 1922 by archaeologist Howard Carter, under the patronage of Lord Carnarvon, the media frenzy that followed was unprecedented.

Carter and his team took 10 years to clear the tomb of its treasure because of the multitude of objects found within it. 

The latest project was put in place over fears the tomb was being damaged by the sheer number of tourists visiting.

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