Paranormal Phenomena

The Bermuda Triangle of Space


JUST above Brazil, there lies a region in space where satellites and telescopes constantly have problems, computers on the International Space Station crash and where astronauts report seeing strange lights flash before their eyes.

The region is known as The South Atlantic Anomaly, but according to Mother Nature Network most people just refer to it as “The Bermuda Triangle of Space”.

However, unlike the other mythical Bermuda Triangle, this one actually exists, with scientists even beginning to map out its boundaries.

This anomaly is part of a radiation belt, which is a ring of trapped solar radiation between 1000 and 6000 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. This exists due to weak points in the planet’s magnetic field, with one of these weak points sitting right where the Bermuda Triangle of Space is located.

A team of Italian scientists has recently been able to more accurately calculate the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle of Space and found that radiation levels were much less in the lower layers than in the upper layers, and that the anomaly was actually drifting east at around 34 kilometres a year.

No need to fear if you’re at a Brazilian beach though, with radiation levels below 200 kilometres the same as most places on Earth.

Credits: http://www.news.com.au