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The Girl With X-Ray Eyes: Scientists Confirmed


Natasha Demkina, is a young woman from Saransk, Russia, who claims to possess a special vision that allows her togirllook inside human bodies and see organs and tissues, and thereby make medical diagnoses. She is hailed in Russia as “the girl with X-ray eyes”. She describes her phenomenal abilities it as follows:

“I have two sights. I can switch any minute without reason, should I want to see the state of health of a person,” Natasha said. “This switching makes no difficulty to me; I just need to think about it. I can see the full structure of a human body – how internal organs are positioned and how they function. It’s hard to explain how I identify diseases. Afflicted organs produce a kind of radiation. The second sight is active only in the daytime; it does not work at night.”

According to Natasha and her parents, she discovered her unusual abilities at the age of ten. At first Natasha scanned her acquaintances and relatives. This phenomenon was widely covered by television in the winter of 2003-2004. At that time Natasha was about to finish school. In January of 2004 Natasha with her mother were invited to London by the English press and she demonstrated her abilities live on the British television. She also participated in an experiment organized by The Sun. The girl demonstrated her extraordinary powers on The Sun reporter Briony Warden, who had suffered multiple injuries in a car accident. The girl contrived to describe all the fractures of the woman.

Britain’s The Sun obtained an opportunity to conduct their own experiment to confirm unbelievable abilities of the Russian X-ray girl. At first Natasha Demkina astonished doctors in her own country.

The prodigy child arrived in London together with employees of the British newspaper.
The newspaper published the results of the experiment in one of its issues (click here to read). The editorial staff was unanimous to choose reporter Briony Warden to test the girl’s abilities. The reporter had suffered numerous injures when she was knocked down by a car in October of 2003.

The woman had not recovered from her injuries at the time when the experiment was held. Before Natasha appeared in the reporter’s house in North London, Briony had removed a plate from her leg and concealed all the visible traces of her injures. As the blonde reporter (who bears her age well, the editorial staff said) came to the place of the experiment, she was immediately questioned.

Briony, 36, said that she had been fully dressed and let the girl scan her. This is how she described her meeting with the Russian wunderkind:

“Her pupils dilated and she seemed to have fallen into a trance.”

“At first she started scanning the injured part of my back that she called “a lockout”. In fact I have four healing fractures of the back and slight nerve damage.”

“She described my pelvis as asymmetrical and pointed to the right side with several fractures. She pointed at my jaw and said she saw “some foreign body” there”. Later Briony said that she had a titanic plate there to support bones.

“The most wonderful moment was when she discovered damage in my left leg.”

“In fact both my shin and spellbone are broken. I was surprised because she found two separate fractures and said that I had problems with bending a knee joint.”

“Then she said she saw “the traces of several metal pins and screws that dinted in the bone”. Without seeing the scars she could not know that a fortnight ago my leg was fastened with several pins and screws.”

“She even said that the scars left by pins and screws were covered with a new tissue, which was absolutely true, for my last X-ray photography had showed it.”

Dumbfounded Briony added: “Natasha is an amazing person. I was very skeptical until she concentrated on my major fractures. I was strongly impressed by that. It seemed that she was looking at my X-ray image. My consulting orthopaedist alone might know more.”

After the examination The Sun reporters described the accident that had happened to Briony. Natasha said that she could see that “all her injuries would close up well”.

Natasha understood that she had a gift at the age of ten. One day she told her mother about the structure of the human body. The little girl did not know the actual medical terms and she described kidneys as beans and bowels as a goffered hose. Her mother was scared and she decided to consult experts. At the doctor’s Natasha described the structure of his organism. Doctors were at a loss.

The girl can scan organs, determine their condition, and detect cells, bacteria or viruses in the organism. She can switch to the second sight at will, but she has terrible headaches after long sessions. However, she can neither scan nor heal herself.

Tatyana Demkina (the mother) tried to conceal the daughter’s anomaly, but their apartment soon became the place where many sick people would come for help. Once came a woman who could not become pregnant for nine years. Natasha agreed to help her and the woman gave birth to a boy in due time. But the happy family did not even invite Natasha to see the baby.

Natasha dreams of becoming a doctor to do her work legally and save patients. Her mother consulted experts several times to confirm her daughter’s gift.

“We’ve been hiding our daughter’s gift for a long time,” said Nikolai Demkin, Natasha’s father. “But her uniqueness became public property, and after that our family was haunted by reporters. Local newspapers also wrote about her and some articles brought us much sorrow,” the man said.

In 2004 Natasha finished school and entered the Medical Department of the Moscow State Medical Stomatological University. She currently works at the Moscow Center for Special Human Diagnostics.

There are many “skeptics” tried hard to defame her, but nowadays people are not so easy to be misled.

Following are comments from pravda about the stunning case of Natasha:
Marc Dufresne : “I’m afraid that, like Cayce, she will be discredited (as with the Americans) because she threatens the medical industrial complex, all of Cayce’s cures where dumped by the medical establishment.”

Colin Young: American doctors won’t acknowledge her as she has a higher success rate at diagnosis than they.

Christos Sirmos: Im assuming that’s the date? What’s going on with this girl now :S?
(As far as I know, Russian X-ray girl Natasha Demkina still uses her gift to help common people)

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