Paranormal Phenomena

UFO Photographed over Seattle, Washington – Dec 30 2012



Witness report:
On Dec. 30 2012, I was downtown killing time before meeting friends for a weekend of bringing in the New Year, so I decided to take some photos of buildings and places around downtown Seattle which I found to be interesting.

It was an uneventful morning and I got several great photos of the area. Several days later I was reviewing my photos when I noticed this object apparently hovering above a building in one of them.

I zoomed in on it and quickly realized the object does not look like an airplane or a helicopter. It vaguely resembles a blimp, yet it had unusual characteristics.

There appear to be no windows, some blueish and reddish coloration, and definitely it is a metallic looking surface.

There also appears to be an appendage sticking out the top near the middle and also seems as if it may have a boomerang shape as well. When I originally took the photograph I saw nothing hovering there and heard nothing unusual, just typical sounds of city traffic and such.

It was only after I had reviewed the photo nearly a week later that I realized it was there. It was not visible to the naked eye or in my viewfinder on my phone camera when I took the photo.

I feel like it could be something remarkable or perhaps not. I do not have any means of enhancing the photo with my phone, so I can’t really get a more clear look at the object other than the zoom I do have.

This thing doesn’t look like any known aircraft I have ever seen and all who I have showed the photo to agree that I may very well have a legitimate UFO sighting over downtown Seattle.

I would like to have this picture examined by an expert to determine what it is just as much as I want to know what it is not.

Camera – Samsung SCH-S720C