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UN warns that robots will put MILLIONS out of work

Robots will make millions unemployed

ROBOTS will wreak havoc on the job market and will lead to the unemployment of millions, a report from the United Nations has revealed.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to displace millions of workers across the globe as scientists storm towards making machines with human-level intelligence.

While many firms will welcome the news of free labour that will be more efficient than humans, it will leave many people worried about their economic future.

The report from the United Nations (UN) warn that people in the developing world are at the most risk of losing their jobs to “disruptive technologies” and the study states that the process is already in full swing.

The report reads: “The increased use of robots in developed countries risks eroding the traditional labour-cost advantage of developing countries.

Robots will make millions unemployed
Robots will make millions unemployed

“The share of occupations that could experience significant automation is actually higher in developing countries than in more advanced ones, where many of these jobs have already disappeared, and this concerns about two thirds of all jobs.”

However, the report adds that developing countries should focus on labour that technology is not yet able to do, such as garment-making.

The report continues: “In many labour-intensive industries, such as garment-making, widespread automation is not yet suitable.

Robots will be much more efficient than humans
Robots will be much more efficient than humans

“While robots have become cheaper, some developing countries continue to have a large pool of cheap labour.

“Thus, for those countries whose major challenge is to create jobs for a large number of low-skilled entrants to the labour force – such as in many parts of Africa – deploying robots under current cost structures many drive production costs up, rather than down.”

The report comes just days after Zoltan Istvan, who was campaigning for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) that will make the Western world’s inevitable transition to a robot-led job market easier, said that newly elected President Donald Trump will lead the US into an age where machines will replace humans in the workplace.

Robots are already beginning to replace humans in the workplace
Robots are already beginning to replace humans in the workplace

When asked why Mr Trump will not attempt to halt the rise of technology in the job market, Mr Istvan said: “That doesn’t seem business-like. What he is probably going to do is make a bit of a combination and say ‘well how can we keep jobs as long as possible, without technology interfering?’”

Mr Istvan stated both Mr Trump’s and Ms Clinton’s promises to create more jobs was off the mark, as there will not be any role to create as robots will fill human positions cheaper and more efficiently.

Mr Istvan continued: “I think Trump rode in on the promise of making America great again by creating all of these jobs – there is no way at all in hell that Trump is going to recreate a bunch of jobs.

“The jobs are not just lost because they’re going abroad, they’re lost because of automation, software, they’re lost because of the changing landscape of what it means to be a human worker and they’re never coming back and people need to get used to that.”

Source: http://www.express.co.uk