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US government’s top secret projects revealed


Declassified papers have emerged which reveal the US government spent tax-payers’ money researching science fiction concepts.

These include using stable wormholes to travel to other parts of space, invisibility cloaking, warp drive and high energy laser weapons.

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) released the list in response to a freedom of information request. 

Declassified documents containing the remarkable details of 38 secret government funded projects have now been made public. 

Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy, made the request for information. 

The projects were originally classified and sent to congress last year. 

Research endeavour number eight, titled ‘Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy,’ was led by Eric Davis of EarthTech International Inc, a firm based in Austin, Texas.

It describes itself as a facility ‘exploring the forefront reaches of science and engineering’.  

‘I think anyone who looks at these titles will scratch their heads and wonder what on earth the Defense Intelligence Agency was thinking,’ Mr Aftergood told Motherboard. 

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