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Wristband Turns Your Arm Into a Touch Screen


Well, wearables just got a little weirder.

A small tech company out of France recently unveiled the Cicret Bracelet, a kind of smart bracelet that projects a touchscreen onto your arm. Video of the gadget has gone viral in recent days as technophiles ponder the idea of a smart phone minus the phone.

The device works by way of a tiny embedded projector and a series of proximity sensors. Similar to the tech behind projected keyboards, the Cicret system detects the location and movement of your fingers, essentially turning the surface of your skin into a touchscreen. You can tap, swipe and pinch as you would normally, according to the design team.

The Cicret Bracelet is designed to run a standalone version of Android, or it can be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Built-in Wi-Fi provides connectivity, and there’s a micro USB port as well. Cicret also makes the Cicret App, a security program that provides anonymity and encryption options for mobile devices.

The Cicret Bracelet isn’t ready for prime time yet, however. It’s still in prototype phase and the design team is raising seed money via the Cicret website. But the video and online materials suggest that the technology is in place. Cicret co-founder Guillaume Pommier told Gizmag that the company expects to have the Cicret to market in about a year and a half, with a price point of around $400.

If the technology proves viable, it seems like the kind of idea plenty of other companies will be interested in. Let the arms race begin.


Read More: http://www.cicret.com/