Paranormal Phenomena

Tales of Ghost, Apparitions and Haunted Houses

A guitar playing itself in the dark…

When I was younger, the house I lived in was haunted but one memory stays in my head.

We had loads of ghostly things happening; names being called, feeling like we were being watched, the smell of perfume, getting cold shiver in the living room when the fire was on – but one memory stays in my mind.

I was about 15 years old and was going to sleep, I shared a room with my twin brother and his guitar was on his bed.

The windows and doors were shut, it was a nice summer’s day so there was no wind around.

I was in bed and the next minute the guitar strings strummed on their own. I was so scared, I hid under my duvet cover, and ever since then the guitar stayed in its case.

– Adam Holman, Swindon

Hauntings at a hotel

I was staying in a hotel on a family holiday. The hotel used to be a Georgian gentlemen’s residence in the 1700s and still has its Georgian interior today.

When I was sleeping one night, I was woken up by someone stroking my hair. I thought it was my mum until she said it wasn’t.

When we were watching the TV, I saw my mum looking at the mirror on the wall and her face turned white. I went to have a shower, and whilst checking the temperature of the water, I saw the figure of a young boy (aged about 12) ducking behind the door.

He had black, floppy hair and was dressed in Victorian clothes. I told my mum and she said she had seen him in the mirror prior to this.

That night, my brother (who was staying in the room above us), was awoken by banging on his door and the sound of children laughing.

Ghost touching sleeping granddaughter
Ghost touching sleeping granddaughter

He told reception the next morning and he was informed by staff that there were no children present in the hotel at the time.

In the middle of dinner that night, I went upstairs to grab my phone and noticed that it was on top of the wardrobe.

While standing on top of a chair to reach it, something bumped into me and I fell off the chair.

Finding my feet to get up again, an invisible hand stroked my hair. And my phone was lying by my side.

I bolted out of the room.

That night I was awoken by someone stroking my hair again and whispering ‘I’m sorry.’

When we told the staff about the goings on, they had said that past guests had reported sightings and sounds of children and that the hotel was once an orphanage.

– Katie, East Lothian

What do you make of this strange picture?

I was sitting in my garden and could feel someone with me so I took a picture and this was on it.

Suzanne Dean snapped this in her garden
Suzanne Dean snapped this in her garden

– Suzanne Dean, Easton on the Hill, Stamford


Nonbeliever converted after haunting experience in local pub

I used to work in my local pub which was supposed to be haunted. However, I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself one Sunday afternoon.

I went down to the office to collect my wages and my boss was already down there. Inside this very small room was a window which was boarded up from the outside and had been for many many years.

We were chatting when my boss just stopped mid flow and said to me: “look at the window”. I turned to see the handle moving as if to open it but it couldn’t.

It didn’t stop, it was trying to open over and over again. We watched for a few moments before running back upstairs. I believe now.

– Daniel, Erdington



Spirit reportedly captured on camera in famously haunted location

Aboard the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California,  I had seen a spirit in the theatre and captured an orb.

Is this a spirit caught on camera on board the Queen Mary?
Is this a spirit caught on camera on board the Queen Mary?


I saw a shadow spirit at the famous door #13, captured on camera. I heard voices, and felt as though I was being touched by the unknown.

Take a closer look
Take a closer look


– Penny Wadley, Anaheim, California


“Mummy, who is that man in the funny hat?”

After a long day out with our kids, a friend and I were driving on our way back in the dark and I took a turning off the main road from a roundabout, as my friend said it was a shortcut.

My baby was only three or four months old at the time and he was crying at the top of his lungs.

As I pulled over into a lay-by with a single lamppost lighting the area, I looked back at him, only to see the outline of what looked like a man in a wide-brimmed hat looking in at us from the back window.

I turned to my friend and said: “There’s somebody out there.” She turned and looked, and said she couldn’t see anyone.

So, I pulled myself together and ran to my baby, got him out, changed him and as I was leaning to put him back in his seat, I felt something brush up my back.

Again, I ran back to my side of the car and as I got in my friend’s son asked: “Mummy, who is that man in a funny hat? He’s looking at me!” He described exactly what I’d seen, but I hadn’t even had time to say!

Without even putting my seatbelt on first I sped out of that lay-by. And we were lost. My friend had no idea where we were. Eventually, we found the main road again.

The funny thing is, I have never been able to find out where we were or where that road was. I have done that journey many times, and it just leads to the motorway…?

– Claire, Cornwall


 Child’s toy moves of its own accord…

This isn’t about myself, but my boyfriend. He told me the story himself and his parents confirmed having the experience.

When he was only a couple of years old, he had this remote-controlled car.

His mum and dad had put him for bed for the night, turned the car off and took the batteries out of both the controller and the car.

While they were both watching TV, the car started to move on its own and weave in and out of the chair legs in a perfect infinity sign.

It then moved over to the other chair and moved between the chair legs there as well.

– Natasha Sutton, Stafford


Followed by a white figure

I live near a large woodland walkthrough, which was originally an execution site during the medieval period (hanging, etc).

Last winter, I was walking my dog through the woodland – as there is a quick shortcut which bypasses the main path. It was dark and cold, when suddenly I saw a white figure walking a white dog coming towards me.

I looked down and back up again, and it had gone, like there was nothing there.

Matt wouldn't set foot in the eerie woodland again
Matt wouldn’t set foot in the eerie woodland again


This happened for five nights in a row. However, on the last night, after seeing the figure, I exited the woodland area and approached my house, I then looked behind me to see the figure literally 10 metres behind me.

I have never set foot in the woodland since.

– Matt, Birmingham

Woken by ghostly whispers

This was years ago but I will never forget it.

I was in bed asleep in my flat and was woken up all of a sudden by a horrible man’s voice in my ear saying ‘Christine’.

I felt the tickle in my ear, like when someone whispers in it. I never looked up to see who or what it was.

I know the lady who lived in my flat before me was called Christine, but this male’s voice was so horrible and luckily I have not heard it again. I’ll never forget it, though.

– Amy Winn, Knaresborough



Footsteps in the dark

I was at a friend of my parents’ house and I was sent to the living room to get something.

They live in this big old house with quite a dark living room and hall, and the floors are all terracotta tiles.

I have always thought that there is something in their living room, so I stopped in the hall to turn on the torch on my phone so I could find the light.

All of a sudden, I could hear heels walking towards me on the floor, coming from the living room.

I looked up and there was no one there. They stopped right next to me and I flipped out. I haven’t gone into the hall or the living room alone since…

– Elinor Carter, France


Face peering back from the balcony freaks out family

Me, my boyfriend and my brother were sitting in my lounge about 1.00am in January this year.

I looked out the window onto the balcony and noticed a ghostly figure in the window.

Face peers back at family from balcony
Face peers back at family from balcony

It really freaked us out as strange things happened in the flat anyway such as toys going off on their own, doors opening and closing and just a general uneasy feeling of being watched.

I don’t live there anymore but it definitely did spook us.

-Lyndsey Fears, Brighton



Family discover holiday home was built on old leper colony after eerie happenings

My husband and I went on holiday to Cornwall with my parents-in-law. We were in a holiday cottage which we found out later was built on the site of an old leper colony.

At night, our dogs refused to stay downstairs and ran up and slept in our room. Whenever we turned the lights off downstairs, and walked around upstairs, the light seemed not to penetrate the darkness downstairs.

It lit up the top three or four stairs, and then seemed to stop. We found then that when we walked past the top of the stairs, we all felt as if we were being pulled down the stairs.

My father-in-law said he felt as if he was really being pulled down the stairs.

The cottage had a very unpleasant feeling about it and the visitors book had lots of pages missing and we think these were the pages people had complained on.

We stayed for three days and on the last day a putrid smell had penetrated the whole of the cottage. I was very glad to get home.

– Pam Park, Newport



Did a loving wife really return as a ghost to guide her husband from his deathbed?

When working as a night nurse, I was having my break and suddenly I was aware of this woman in the room.

The women was dressed in clothes of 40’s fashion. She said sorry to me then disappeared. I came from my break slightly shaken but it was a busy night so I got on with my work.

On this shift we had one patient who was very ill and we didn’t think he would last the night. The patient died during the night and when I was packing away his belongs I came across a photo.

It was the women I had seen in the same clothes. His daughter told me it was her mom who had died and that this was his favourite photo.
I am convinced the ghost I saw was his wife who had come for him as he was so close to death

– Nicola Wootton, Sutton Coldfield


Electrical problems and knocking at the doors

I have had lots of supernatural experiences – too many to mention, but this one was the worst.

Going back to my teens, my boyfriend (now hubby) and I spent a night out with my friends.

They decided to have a curry and we didn’t, so my friend gave me keys to her house. No sooner had we sat down and turned on the TV, it blinkered and went off, turned itself on again and went off.

We put this down to an electrical fault so turned on the radio… this worked fine for a few seconds, then that turned itself off.

So, sitting in silence, then the living room door flew open with such a force and the front door bell rang.

We were relieved they were back, but no, the front door was closed. We then heard knocking at the back, so thinking our friends were mucking about we went to investigate.

The knocking came from the patio doors. We pulled back the curtains to reveal a conservatory which we didn’t know they had, so the knocking came from INSIDE.

The owner of the house returned and we made a quick exit.  Days later she asked why we had left so abruptly, “Was it because of Tom, our ghost?”
– Julie Howarth


Who’s Mary? Can you see the shape of a woman holding a baby at Fort Amherst?

I was on a paranormal night at Fort Amherst in Kent when I caught this picture of a lady holding a baby.

Ghostly image captured at Fort Amherst
Ghostly image captured at Fort Amherst


When I showed it to people at the fort they said it was a woman called Mary carrying her baby.

– David Sage, Sheerness


Can you see a ghostly figure at the bottom of the stairs at Hampton Court Palace?

I was on a day trip to Hampton Court Palace and felt very drawn to the barrel room.

Can you see a small boy at the bottom of the stairs at Hampton Court Palace?
Can you see a small boy at the bottom of the stairs at Hampton Court Palace?


I felt I needed to stand at the top of the stairs so I thought I’d take a photograph on a old mobile which had no flash.

Luckily other visitors were taking pictures too so it lit up the dark space only for me to discover the image of a small child, a boy, at the bottom of the stairs.

Ghostly shape captured on camera
Ghostly shape captured on camera


I felt he was very friendly and I feel so blessed to have him on a picture of mine.

– Nicola Overton, Birmingham


The mysterious church

In 1968 my boyfriend and I, with two others, decided to go to Torquay for the Easter weekend.

We thought we’d go on the Thursday night and drive through the night, as you do when you’re 18!

We were driving down a country lane at about 3am, when an old man walked out in front of us and, shining his torch, told us to follow him – the strange thing was we just followed him without question.

He led us to an old church through the graveyard. Here, we parked the car and were led into the church.

All the pews had been pushed back and people were standing around drinking tea and coffee, there was even a woman frying sausages in a frying pan!

The church was filled with people in the middle of the night
The church was filled with people in the middle of the night


We had some coffee and went on our way, never once questioning this weird event. We stopped in the nearest village and got some petrol.

On our way back after a great weekend we decided to stop at the church for a coffee.

We drove all around the grounds but could find no way in, there was a rusty gate with and equally rusty padlock on it.

We drove back to the garage and asked about the church, where we were told it had closed about 90 years ago!

– Maureen Sears, Surrey


An unexpected house guest

I took a picture of our new house through the window of the front door and noticed an old man with glasses staring back at me.


I was freaked out, to say the least!


– Vanessa, Hull



“Do you know who I am?”

I lived in a council flat in Walthamstow, E17. I saw a woman dressed in black with a white rope-style sash around her waist.

Her hair was dark with a pale complexion. She was solid. I stroked her long dress and it was smooth cotton.

This entity said to me: “Do you know who I am?” She tried to get closer to me but was pulled back by an unseen force.

This happened in 1970. I was 11 years old and I was not frightened at the time. I told my parents while I was sitting in the living room what had happened to me, and I had to leave the bedroom light on as it frightened me.

I can still remember this and I’m 56 years old.

– Susan Vousden, Holland-on-Sea, Essex



A ghost girl at the end of the bed

My husband, myself and two kids live in a Victorian semi in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

I always sensed a presence in the main bedroom and our cat used to stare at a point in the corner.

One night I woke to see a young girl with dark hair and white night gown staring at me. I told no one.

Then one evening my daughter said there was a girl sitting on the end of the bed… and my very skeptical husband woke one morning thinking it was me at the end of the bed, but I was sleeping in my daughter’s room.

He called out, but the girl vanished. None of us had told each other but all saw the same.

I did a clearing and a prayer and she never came back.

– Julie, Abingdon



A spirit who likes its five-a-day

Weird one, this. I was about 15 years old and was on my own with my younger sister of 12 on our laptops. It was around 4pm and my mother was out shopping.

As we were sitting in the living room, a thunderous noise came from the kitchen on the breakfast bar.

I looked up and the fruit basket, with a heap of fruit on, was shuddering from left to right as quick as a coin as it falls flat to the ground.

It then slammed still.

As we gasped in horror, my sister and I ran straight out of the house and waited for our mom to get home.

When she was back, we explained the situation and she told us that a lot more things were happening during the night and the day.

We had to get a medium into the house to rid the spirits for peace and from then on nothing was ever out of the ordinary again.


– Connor Tierney, Birmingham



A disappearing lady in Victorian clothing

It was October last year, around 6ish as it was just quite dark and the street lights had come on.

I was walking from the cathedral back into town down Greestone Stairs, which is a famous place in Lincoln for paranormal activity.


I heard someone walking behind me. The footsteps were quick, so I assumed they were in a hurry.

I stepped aside to let them past, and as I did a lady in Victorian clothing passed me and walked down -about 20 yards in front of me – stopped, and disappeared!

Lincoln is quite big on the steam punk scene and uphill Lincoln does have places where people wear period costume, so until this lady disappeared I wasn’t aware she was a ghost.

– Dean Anderton, Lincoln


The haunting morning visitor

Laying in bed at 7am, I heard someone walking up the stairs.

I was too scared to hardly breathe. I thought it was an intruder, but the steps came into the bedroom and I felt someone sit on the bed beside me.

I was sweating to the point I thought I was going to pass out. I knew this was a spirit of some sort.

I said ‘please go now’ and felt someone get off the bed and the door slightly moved.

This happened every morning for four days and I had nothing from there on.

I try to understand, as it feels someone wanted to see me but meant me no harm. Perhaps it’s someone from my past that I miss? I like to think so.

– Caz Bray, Cornwall



A white figure at the window

I saw a white figure standing outside my bedroom window (so it would have been standing in the garden) one evening.

Since that evening, I have seen small white shadows and feeling cold.

Once, when I was sleeping, I woke up and I thought there was someone sitting at the end of my bed…

– Annabelle , Watford



A ghostly presence moving possessions

One night, a year and a half ago, my girlfriend, my male friend and I were having a light drink one evening, when it was dark outside.

We were in my flat and I saw my girlfriend’s boot move, as if someone were putting it straight or tidying it up.

My girlfriend said she saw it move too, but our friend didn’t. I have never, ever witnessed anything quite like this and it makes me feel uneasy.

My flat has an unsettling feeling as it is, like a presence. I’m looking into getting it blessed.

I believe my father’s spirit may be there, as it used to be his place.

– Gary, York


Duvet pulled off the bed by a little ghost girl

I was 14 years old lying in bed when I felt my duvet get tugged, then it was pulled off me.

When I looked, there was a little girl no older than eight years old wearing a Victioran dress, who walked backwards, in to the wall.

I told my mum and stepdad the next day and they said they had heard footsteps on the stairs.

My mum has had her hair played with as she laid in bed and my stepdad felt someone cuddle up to him.

– David Lee Parker, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire



Watching over us while we sleep

For a number of months after moving in our new house I was constantly waking up at approximately 1-2am every morning.

I explained to my husband that I kept seeing a man standing on my side of the bed watching me and he appeared to be in a soldier’s uniform.

Days, months went by with my husband calling me mad and saying I was just dreaming.

Then one night my husband woke up in the early hours and asked me why I was standing up. With no response from me, my husband gently poked me in the back. I was lying right by his side.

There are only two of us who live in the house! Since that night my husband has never questioned  me when I have said I can see/feel something.

Also, unfortunately, we have had no other sightings of this particular ghost. But we seem to be getting other weird things happening…

– Louise McDermott, Newcastle-upon-Tyne



The mysterious woman on the bench

I was taking my usual afternoon stroll down to the local store. I did this on a regular basis and usually on the same day of the week – Wednesday.

Each Wednesday I’d have to walk along the canal to get to the store.

Every time I took this journey I would always see the same woman, about 60, just sat there on the bench facing the opposite way.

I had never tried to confront her, I had never seen her face either as she was always facing the other way, just sat there.

This time when I was walking to the store, I walked past her, I got intrigued and looked back as I passed her. What I saw when I looked back was horrific.

The woman was stood right behind me, staring. I froze.

Her face was wrinkled and old. Her eyes were rolled in to the back of her head and she was frothing what looked like blood.

Instantly I screamed. I blinked and she was gone. I never saw her again.

– Gertrude Tomlinson, Swansea


Can you see the ghostly figure of a man captured at the UK’s most haunted location?

A ghost expert captured this mysterious image of what looks like a man walking out of a brick wall at the UK’s most haunted location.


During a day at Nottingham’s Galleries of Justice with his brother, Simon Brown, a qualified parapsychologist, snapped 100 photographs.

He only noticed the figure when he downloaded the picture. What he captured is the same vision as sightings reported by staff and customers throughout the building.

The Galleries of Justice were previously a courthouse and a gaol and many sightings, nosies and ghostly experiences have been reported there although never captured in this way.


The photo was taken at 4.29pm on Thursday, March 11. Below is Mr Brown’s account of the experience.

There is clearly a spectral figure seen at the base of the stairs walking from right to left. To the right where the figure appears to have come from is a modern brick wall.

I was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking directly up at an empty stairwell as seen in the other empty picture taken seconds before this shot.



The only way a figure could be seen walking in this direction is if it walked out of a brick wall.

When I took this picture there was no one in the frame and I was the last person who walked up these stairs at the end of the day 4.29 pm.

The figure appears to be wearing clothing which you would associate with a turn-of-the-last-century prisoner and dragging its right leg as if in chains.



What for me makes this picture really interesting is the figure appears to be transparent. If you look at the head you can clearly see the bars on the window through it I have been told that this type of exposure can not be an over exposure as other areas of the picture are not affected by this and over and under exposure should not be zone selective in a digital frame.

I only saw it (the figure) when I downloaded the picture. It’s unexplained. Is it a ghost? Although I normally argue against the existence of such things, I couldn’t answer that as a parapsychologist.

– Simon Brown, Peterborough



Can you see a monk-like figure hovering by the church steeple?

Driving through Cardiff, South Wales, with my cousin a few years back on one of my trips back I was randomly snapping photos and I got this.


If you look up on the top right of the church steeple it looks like a monk or priest to me but you be the judge.


– Sarah Allwood, Alberta, Canada



Old smuggler’s warning among the tombstones

When I was 11 years old, I was playing down a disused road outside a very old church and graveyard.  A man wearing clothes that were reminiscent of the 1700s appeared to us and said we shouldn’t be here then he walked away from us but suddenly vanished.

When I researched the church where we were playing, smugglers used to hide their smuggled goods in the tombstones and he looked just like an old smuggler.

My friend who was with me also saw him too.

-Michelle Ray, Bournemouth


Ghostly goings on at the abbey


I used to work at Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire. I was driving around the grounds one night when a dark figure of a monk stood in front of the car.

When I got out of the car, the monk had gone.

Also, there is a legend of the girl child… there is a moat at the abbey, and every now and then the ghost appears there.

I saw the child’s ghost looking straight at me, but I did not feel frightened in any way. There are many hauntings at Coombe Abbey.

– Dean Jenkins, Coventry


The lady in grey

A good few years ago myself, a few friends and my sister took a drive up to Cannock Chase.

We paked up and went for a walk. As we got further, I saw something in the distance.

I stood still as the figure came slowly towards me. It wasn’t human – it was a ghost. The lady was dressed in a grey dress, long hair and no shoes.

I froze as she came closer. I asked the others if they could see her and they said no.

I was terrified, but excited that I actually saw a ghost for the first time. I haven’t seen her since then.

– Emma Louise, Hednesford


Footsteps on the stairs

In the early hours of the morning I can hear what sounds like running up and down the stairs. I get the feeling that it’s a teenage lad.

I also get the feeling that I’m being watched when I go up or down the stairs… It doesn’t happen every day, but it’s quite scary when it does happen.

– Sarah Hopson, North Yorkshire

Credit: http://www.mirror.co.uk/