Paranormal Phenomena

Top 10 Ghost Videos

10. Ghost Sighting Recorded by Security Guard

A college security guard encounters the spirit of a student who committed suicide.

9. Ghost Caught On Video At haunted Centre In London

This video of a transparent ghost like figure was filmed by CCTV at the entrance of South Ruislip Community Centre London, on February 1st 2013.

8. Ghost Caught on Tape near Car Crash

This video shows a ghostly figure standing next to a car crash in Spain.

7. Ghost Runs through backyard garden

A ghostly figure can be seen running through a backyard garden. This video was recorded in Village Afanasovo, Russia.

6. Ghost Sighting in Haunted Cemetery

Interesting Ghost Sighting filmed in a Guatemala Cemetery.

5. Ghost Horseman Filmed In Egypt

This video shows what appears to be a ghostly apparition riding a horse.

4. Ghost Sighting filmed inside a Bedroom

A camera inside an empty house films an apparition or spirit walking around a bedroom

3. Ghost Sighting in UK Bar

A ghost sighting in the popular Wolfe Bar in Cumbria UK. Security cameras record what appears to be a ghost flying out the window.

2. Strange Ghost sighting caught on tape

Video footage of a shadow like ghost walking through a house

1. Ghost Sighting in Old Cemetary

Video footage of a ghost standing behind a man mourning over a grave,