Paranormal Phenomena

Ghost filmed walking past a house at night


A ghostly figure can be seen walking past an unoccupied house at night. Watch video at 3.28 seconds

Witness report: In the early hours of Tuesday 8th of February 2011 I noticed my mom’s security flood light was on even though mom’s house had been unoccupied since September 2010… I did not have a set of keys at that time but I decided to go around the place with my lamp and video camera to check that all was OK… Everything seemed OK but as I was leaving at 3:28 on the video the camera picked a ghostly figure up which could NOT be seen with the naked eye otherwise I would have commented on it at the time… I first saw the figure when I played the footage on the TV… It is only a glimpse and the auto focus on the camera struggles to clearly focus in on it but watch it and judge for yourself