Man shares footage of his haunted house

Man shares footage of his haunted house

Man shares footage of his haunted house

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Things that go bump in the night are usually blamed on a freak breeze or a family pet.

But this footage seems to show something sinister afoot, and has been released after a man returned to his apartment to find a ‘few things out of place’.

Objects appear to fall off kitchen counters at Rusty Johnson’s home in Fayetteville, North Carolina

The footage, shot last week, shows kitchenware and pieces of paper flying off the counters.

Rusty posted the video with the comment: ‘I came home to find a few things out of place and decided to review the footage.

‘It scared the absolute hell out of me watching it, I was probably being paranoid, but it felt like I could feel someone or something looking at me.

Papers are seen flying off the benches in the creepy video of his kitchen area in Fayetteville

‘Like I could feel its presence, and it did give me chills. Shortly after I had the most horrible feeling and I had this intense wave of anger running through me for over half an hour that I can’t explain. I had nothing to be angry about.

‘This freaked me out and has kind of pushed me to my limit. I’m seriously considering breaking my lease to move.

‘I’ll continue to record my apartment for evidence as long as I’m here, but if this keeps up I’m moving out.’

The poster explained he had lived in the apartment for almost a year but the strange activity had started nearly two months ago.