Paranormal Phenomena

Poltergeist knocks over cleaning supplies in pub


CCTV footage of objects being knocked over by an unseen force. This video was recorded The Chapel House pub on Ruiton Street in Dudley.

The footage initially seems to innocently show Katie set up the A-board and the mop in the back room of the pub, before walking around the room calling for Ben.

As she leaves the room, the A-board appears to mysteriously move and fold itself neatly on the floor.

Then, as Ben enters the shot, the mop in the corner of the room is propelled across the nearby table.

This bar has already experienced several unexplained incidents despite having only taken over the pub around nine weeks ago.

Manager Katie Round said “Last Friday a glass on a shelf above the bar propelled off and hit me hard in the chest,” said Ben. “Sometimes you can hear footsteps coming up stairs but then they just stop.”