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Real Ghostbusters

While “Ghostbusters” focuses on the fictional ghostly events plaguing New York City, the real-life reports of ghosts, poltergeists and hostile spirits is a global phenomena that is well-known to the majority of cultures around the world.

Creepy Real Ghost Stories

There are many ghost stories but the tale of the dancing ghost is one of the more extreme hauntings as it intensified with time and there seemed to be no way to remove the ghost. The residual presence of spirits causes the sounds heard in…

Real UFOs

Since humans first inhabited Earth there have been UFO sightings, many incredible, some credible, and others complete nonsense, fabricated by those wanting to be sensational. One of the first UFO sightings, was over 40,000 years ago, on an…

Extraterrestrial Communication

In October 1971, forty seven year old Silesian born electronics engineer L. George Lawrence, came with his field assistant into Oak Grove Park. Oak Grove Park was near Temecula, a tiny Californian village, near the Pechenga Indian…