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China to build world’s largest animal cloning factory


The Chinese city of Tianjin will build the world’s largest factory for cloning animals, authorities announced yesterday.

The laboratory, with a planned investment of 200 million Yuan (£20 million), is set to scientifically reproduce pet dogs, racing horses, beef cattle, among other animals, reported People’s Daily Online.

The project is expected to further the application of cloning technologies in modern livestock breeding.


Spokesman from the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area yesterday announced they had inked a strategic agreement with Yingke Boya Gene Technology, a Chinese company specialising in stem cell and biomedicine.

The two parties are due to collaborate in building ‘the world’s largest cloning factory’ situated in the port city in north-east China.

It’s unclear how many acres the factory will occupy but according to the plan, it will containing an ‘assembly line’ for animal cloning, a ‘high-standard’ animal cloning centre, a ‘bio-diverse’ gene bank and an education and exhibition hall.

The factory is expected to clone a variety of animals, including high-quality working dogs, pet dogs, non-human primates, beef cattle and ‘top-notch’ racing horses.

Yingke Boya Genetic Technology is a subsidiary of the Boyalife Group, a pioneer in animal cloning in China.

Boyalife co-established the country’s first commercial cloning company, BoyaLife-Hbion Institute of Life Science, last year along with the South Korea-based Sooam Biotech Research Foundation.

In September 2014, the institute successfully created three Tibetan Mastiffs, a valuable dog breed in China, using cloning technologies.

It’s also reported to have produced 550 canines to carry out tasks for police forces and airports in multiple countries.