Elvis Presley was an FBI operative who faked his own death conspiracists claim

A bizarre conspiracy theory claims that Elvis Presley faked his own death to participate in an FBI operation.

Elvis was involved in an FBI operation to bring down an orgainization known as The Fraternity. Fearing his life was indanger Elvis faked his own death.

He was found dead in his bathroom on August 16, 1977, inside his Graceland home. A documentary exploring the theory has recently re-appeared on Youtube with host Bill Bixby claiming to have FBI documents relating to Operation Fountain Pen.

It is said that FBI investigators enlisted Elvis to help bring down this deady crime syndicate.

Another documentary named “The Elvis Files” filmed in 1990, feature a Canadian operative named Luc Dionne, who claims to have seen documents from the years between 1976 and 1982 contain Elivs’ handwriting.

He said: “We can find numerous notation and correction in what I believe is Elvis’ handwriting.

“I’m almost positive that Elvis Presley continued his involvement in Operation Fountain Pen for several years after his alleged death.”

Handwriting expert Paul Weast, who said: “This handwriting was compared to known handwriting of Elvis Presley and it matches very, very closely.”

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