Amazing UFO Encounters

Royal Air Force Flying Officer T. S. Johnson and his navigator, Flying Officer G.Smythe, were flying a two seat Vampire jet night-fighter, they were on a reconnaissance and were flying at 20,000 feet, they were near their base at RAF West Mailing in Kent. The two men saw an object at a higher altitude, it began moving towards the aircraft at great speed, it then disappeared. They described it as being circular in shape and emitting a bright light around its outer edges, this lasted approximately thirty seconds.

When they reported their sighting the airmen were astounded when their report was forwarded immediately to Fighter Command Headquarters. Soon after the two airmen were interrogated for an hour and a half by two RAF intelligence officers.

On 11 November the War Office that an echo had been picked up by an Army radar being tested at the Anti-Aircraft Command barracks at Lee Green, Kent. The sound was tracked on radar from 14.45 to 15.10, by several Army technicians, including Sergeant H. Waller, who concluded that the object was not a balloon. The object had to be metallic to receive any sort of signal, he said the signal received was four times larger than the largest airliner.

Questions were asked at the House of Commons about the event. Nigel Birch, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Defence, told Lieutenant Colonel Wentworth Schofield MP and Frederick Bellenger MP that two experimental balloons were observed at different times on November 3. He then said that there was nothing unusual about either of the incidents. In order to quell the interest he told the men that the balloons were fitted with a special device to produce as large an echo on a radar screen as an aircraft.

Behind the scenes it was a different story and the sighting was being taken more seriously. A Directive was issued by Fighter Command, classified Restricted. Within it was written, that sightings of aerial phenomena by RAF personnel were in future to be immediately reported in writing by officers commanding units to the Deputy Directorate of Intelligence at the Air Ministry, with copies to Group and Command Headquarters. Any reports received from civilians were also to be sent to the Ministry.

The Directive:

It will be appreciated that the public attach more credence to reports by Royal Air Force personnel than to those by members of the public. It is essential that the information should be examined at Air Ministry and that its release should be controlled officially. All reports are therefore to be classified ‘Restricted’ and personnel are to be warned that they are not to communicate to anyone other than official persons any information about phenomena they have observed, unless officially authorized to do so.

One year later another RAF pilot reported a sighting like the West Malling incident. On 14 October 1954, Flight Lieutenant James Salandin, of No. 604 County of Middlesex Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, took off at 16.15 from his base at RAF North Weald in Essex, in a Meteor Mk 8, Weather, the weather was clear. Lieutenant Salandin saw three objects which he thought were aeroplanes headed towards him. Two went to his port side, one was gold the other silver, the third came straight towards him and came within a few hundred yards, almost filling the windscreen. It then moved towards the port side, Lieutenant Salandin tried to turn and follow but it disappeared.

The object was saucer shaped with a bun on top and a bun underneath, it was silvery and metallic, with no portholes or flames. Lieutenant Salandin immediately reported the sighting and when he landed relayed further details to Derek Dempster, 604 Squadron’s Intelligence officer, who later became the first editor of ‘Flying Saucer Review’ in 1955. The report was sent to the Air Ministry, but if not for Dempster the story would never have come to light.

On 3 March 1978, eighteen year old Jose Alvaro, who lived in Fragata Pelotas, South America, was checking on a property late at night while the owners were away. A blue light appeared in the sky and Jose lost consciousness. When he woke feeling dazed and disoriented there were peculiar images running through his head, such as pictures of war, and he was hearing a voice telling him that the task had been accomplished. He was astounded to find that it was 4.00 am. He later consulted a psychologist who hypnotized him, during his sessions he described a room with a tall creature who had silver hair, he knew this being was female. She told Jose that they were to breed and that there was to be another task to perform. UFO investigators later found two men who lived in the desolate area where Jose woke up, and they recalled seeing a light flash by and two hours later found Jose slumped against a wall.

When Jose’s mother was interviewed without knowledge of Jose’s revelations under hypnosis, she mentioned having a dream just after his encounter and in the dream she was told her son was to become a father, but the child would be born on another world.

On 18 August 1953, in Ciudad Valley Mexico, taxi driver Salvador Villanuev’s cab suddenly stopped, he got out to see what was wrong. He then noticed two strange looking men standing near his cab, they were small and wearing helmets. As it was raining he asked them if they would like to shelter inside his car, they accepted his offer and climbed inside. They then Salvador that they came from another planet and took him to see their craft, which looked like plates on top of each other. In the wet, muddy field Salvador had difficulty walking and was splattered with mud, while the aliens had a light on their belts that glowed and repelled the mud so that it didn’t touch their legs. As he and the aliens reached the craft they invited him inside, feeling fearful he declined and the object started to rise, it then flew away making a whooshing sound.

There have been several UFO encounters where the aliens are congenial and rather than abducting the witness, they offer an invitation for the person to step aboard their craft. These witnesses also describe a friendly galactic federation, quite unlike the more dramatic encounters experienced by those who have been abducted and experimented on.

Mrs. Benson, a retired nurse lived in the Dalecarlia area in Sweden, at 2.00 am on 31 December 1987, she noticed that her dog and cat were extremely restless, they seemed as though they both wanted to go outside. She let them out and they immediately returned. Mrs. Benseon then shooed them both outside and closed the door. She later went to the window to check on the animals and found her dog shaking in terror as he looked at a blue globe of light above some nearby trees. As she went towards her dog Mrs. Benson looked more closely at the light, she saw that it was an object hovering a few feet off the ground and the size of a car. From its base lightning bolts were emanating and hitting the soil beneath and the object was encased by a grey/orange mist. As Mrs. Benson stood looking at the object, her skin began to tingle and prickle, her head was pounding and there was pain in her jaw, she tried to called to her husband but found she was paralyzed. She felt as though she was about to die.

Mr. Benson heard a buzzing sound, and realizing that his wife was not inside the house he went outside to investigate. Mrs. Benson was still unable to move, she then felt a sharp pin prick at the base of her neck and the globe disappeared. When Mr. Benson found her she wasn’t moving and catatonic, the dog and cat were nearby in the same state and the air smelled of sulphur. Mr. Benson took his wife inside and tucked her into bed and then brought the two traumatized animals inside. The following day Mrs. Benson awoke with a severe migraine that lasted for five days, the jumper she had been wearing on the strange night had a 2 inch burn down the back where the acrylic fibers had melted. Mr. and Mrs. Benson reported the incident to the police and Brigit Salgstron of UFO Sweden investigated. The jumper was tested by The National Defence Institute, concluding that a severe electrical discharge had melted the fibres. Upon further investigation several other witnesses in the rural area described a vivid blue light in streak in the sky at 3.30 am that December morning.

Between 1977 and 1978, there was a wave of UFO sightings in New Zealand. Three young women who were curious decided to go UFO hunting near the town of Gismborne. They women kept a log of their journey, and strangely enough when the log was later checked they found there was a two hour gap where none of them could remember what had happed. All they could remember was having a sleepless night. The following day as they walked to their car feeling they were being watched, their memory of this time was hiding from hooligans in fear.

The woman told a ufologist about the time gap and one of the women said she had felt herself floating upwards. The eager ufologist regressed one of the women, she revealed that she had been sucked up by a beam of light, along with one of her friends. She had woken in a strange room where her and her friend were laid out flat, a humanlike man spoke to them and sent them back and they woke up on a hillside. The third woman slept through the entire thing.

The woman who had been hypnotized contacted Keith Basterfiled in 1989, he arranged a controlled hypnosis session conducted by a clinical psychologist. Under hypnosis she described entities with long, thin faces and large black eyes, these were grays. She also remembers a man saying that he knew her and wanting the aliens to stop sticking things into her.

At Risley, Cheshire, UK in March 1978, a service engineer saw a strange man with beams of light coming from his eyes. The engineer saw the man walk straight through a security fence, he then disappeared. No-one else was seen nor was there a UFO, but the engineer’s van was obliterated during the sighting. After an investigation it was found that an enormous power discharge had struck the aerial and blown its circuitry apart. The engineer later developed multiple cancers, he died soon afterwards, while still a young man.

On 27 October 1975, two men camping at a lake near Oxford, Maine saw lights emerging from a fog. Their car stalled and they were left wandering, they had burning eyes, throats and were unable to keep their balance. They continued to have visual hallucinations of strange objects crossing the sky and this continued for several hours. When they were later hypnotized it was found they had, had an encounter with grays while inside a UFO.

David Seewalt lost 40 minutes during a walk home after visiting a friend on 17 November 1967, at Calgary, Alberta. When he arrived at his sister’s house he rushed in and hid under the bed, he began screaming that a flying saucer had chased him. Five months later David woke from a vivid nightmare, his memory of the missing 40 minutes had returned. He was later hypnotized and remembers hearing a high-pitched humming noise, he was then lifted up by an orange beam and placed on a table in a room filled with computers. His clothes were removed by entities who had skin like a crocodile, as he described this part of his encounter during his regression he became too fearful to continue.

While giving a talk to the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Astronomy Club in 1982, former Air Force intelligence officer Steve Lewis revealed that in the twelve years he was investigating UFO’s both for the military overseas and in the US. He was convinced that intelligent extraterrestrial beings are visiting Earth. Because of strict instructions from the Air Force he was not able to divulge specific details about his UFO research from 1965 to 1977. Lewis told his audience that only a fraction of the accumulated evidence could be released. He revealed to his audience that a common feature associated with UFO’s was blinding lights. Lewis also said that the Air Force believes the light is related to an advanced propulsion system which enables UFO’s to travel at the speed of light. He also told his audience that the information he was privy to while he worked for the military made anything possible.

A former employee of the National Security Agency, Todd Zechel, believed the four directorates of the CIA had been collecting, analyzing and suppressing UFO data since 1948. Zechel claimed the National Photographic Interpretation Center was analyzing all UFO photographic data, and the Office of Scientific Intelligence has been analyzing worldwide UFO data since its inception. This includes non-photographic cases, physical evidence and secondary analysis of photographic cases.

On 24 April 1964, Sergeant Lonnie Zamora of the Socorro, New Mexico, Police Department, reported a landed UFO with two occupants. The incident was investigated by the FBI and the Air Force. While chasing a speeding car, Sergeant Zamora was chasing a speeding car on US Highway 85, outside the town of Socorro. Sergeant Zamora heard a roar and saw flames where he knew a dynamite shack was located. He abandoned the chase and headed to the area where he saw the flames. He thought he had come upon an upturned car with two occupants, both were dressed in coveralls. Zamora radioed headquarters and reported an automobile accident, as he came closer to the accident he saw an object lying in a gully, he then stopped his car.

The object he came upon was egg shaped, or oval. Noises were coming from the object, along with flames and smoke. The low pitched noise that was emanating from the object, became a high pitched noise. The flame was blue, with orange and yellow at the ends. Sergeant Zamora thought the object was about to explode and moved away towards his car, in his rush he lost his glasses and bumped his leg. He crouched down, shielded his eyes and kept watching the object. Suddenly the noise stopped and the object rose to 15 feet above the ground, the flame was no longer coming from the object. There was a crescent shaped red marking with a vertical arrow and horizontal line underneath. The object hovered for a time then flew off in a SW direction. He watched the object in the distance. It took only three minutes for it to travel approximately six miles, it then disappeared.

When Sergeant Chavez arrived at the location he found Sergeant Zamora to be pale and upset at what he had seen. Chavez investigated the landing sight and found marks and burns, a nearby bush was burned. There were four impressions in the ground. Zamora’s reported revealed that the humanoids hastily boarded their craft when he arrived at the scene.

Sergeant Zamora was known to be a serious officer and his description of events were believed to be credible. He was a man who could easily recognize airborne vehicles, he was at odds to understand what had taken place on this day.

Hollywood TV producer Jaime Shandera received a package in December 1984, it came from an anonymous source, the package contained a roll of 35mm film which was undeveloped. Shandera had the film developed, the frames showed eight pages of a briefing prepared on 18 November 1952, for President Eisenhow, by Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, former CIA director. There was also a 24 September 1947, memo from President Truman to Secretary of Defence James Forrestal, authorizing ‘Operation Majestic Twelve.’ The memo was classified ‘TOP SECRET/MAJIC/EYES ONLY,’ it summarized what the Majestic-12 committee had learned about the UFO problem up to 1952, details were included about the Roswell incident and recovery.

Much is still being kept from the general public due the fear it would induce if what was really taking place was revealed. Many who hold positions in high places believe that the world will have to unite, forming a common front in order to communicate as a whole with alien civilizations.

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