Real UFOs

Since humans first inhabited Earth there have been UFO sightings, many incredible, some credible, and others complete nonsense, fabricated by those wanting to be sensational. One of the first UFO sightings, was over 40,000 years ago, on an island in the Hunan province of China. Cigar shaped objects, with alien occupants, were found carved into a granite mountain.

Many people are fascinated by the idea that there are aliens, others terrified, fearing the worst. There have been many reports over the centuries about sightings and abductions. There are people all over the world who can vividly recount their experiences with extraterrestrials. Reports telling of capture and individuals being held aboard an alien craft, vehicles beings stopped, time standing still, physical examinations by aliens. The visual picture painted by those who have these experiences is always the same, beings with dome shaped heads and huge eyes, communicating telepathically. The description that does vary is the size of the aliens and their colouring, some people describe reptile like beings.

Abductees often have gaps in their memory when they are returned, some have marks on their bodies. Often those subjected to this terrifying experience, have flashes of memory but are unable to recall in detail the event. The fact that all testimony gathered over the years has a sense of continuity, leads experts to agree that there is something out there. And whoever, or whatever it is, has an intelligence far superior to our own, with knowledge of, and access to, technology not available to mankind at this point in time

During the reign of Thutmose III, 1594-1450 BC, a papyrus was found with writing on it, it read. “In the year 22, of the 3rd month of winter, sixth hour of the day.” “The scribes of the, House of Life, found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky.” “It had no head, the breath of its mouth had a foul odor. “Its body one rod long and one rod wide.” “It had no voice.” “Their hearts became confused through it.” “Then they laid themselves on their bellies.” “They went to the Pharaoh to report it.” “His majesty ordered an examination of all which is written in the papyrus rolls of the House of Life.” “His Majesty was meditating upon what happened.” “Now after some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the skies than ever.” “They shone more in the sky than the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of the heavens.” “Powerful was the position of the fire circles.” “The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst.” “It was after supper.” “Thereupon, these fire circles ascended higher in the sky towards the south.” “The Pharaoh caused incense to be brought to make peace on the hearth.” “And what happened was ordered by the Pharaoh to be written in the annals of the House of Life so that it be remembered for ever.”

In 1886, the US consul of Venezuela, in Maracaibo, reported a UFO sighting. It was described as a bright object that emitted a humming noise. This craft appeared over a nut near Maracaibo, causing its occupants to experience symptoms similar to radiation poisoning. Some days later the trees surrounding the hut withered and died. In 1897, in Aurora Texas, a UFO crashed and its alien pilot was buried in the local cemetery.

In 1926, while travelling in the Himalayas, Nicholas Roerich, along with those he was travelling with, sighted a metallic silver disc hovering above the Himalayas, they all gazed at it for a time until it disappeared behind the peaks.

In 1961, driving home at night after being on holiday, Barney and Betty Hill, from New Hampshire saw a light coming towards them, as the light became clearer it looked like a pancake shaped object with a row of windows. As he looked through his binoculars, Barney could see figures inside the craft looking back at him. In terror he drove off, the object followed and emitted a beeping sound, Betty and Barney then heard a second beep and the UFO disappeared. The bemused couple reached home as the Sun was rising.

Once home they realized that their journey had taken two hours longer than it should have. Betty began having nightmares, and Barney suffered severe discomfort from ulcers. Feeling that the incident had something to do with their mutual discomfort, Betty and Barney, consulted a psychiatrist named Benjamin Simon, he was situated in Boston. Under hypnosis they were able to describe what had taken place in the two hours that they couldn’t account for during their drive home.

The session with Dr. Simon, revealed that the missing time the couple had experienced occurred between the two sets of beeps they had heard. They revealed to the Dr. that their car was stopped by several beings about five feet tall, they had no hair on their heads and their skin was gray. The aliens took them on board where medical examinations took place. Betty remembered having a needle inserted into her abdomen, she was looking around the spaceship and saw a star map on the wall. Before they were allowed to leave the ship, the leader issued a warning for them both to forget the experience. Their memories began to fade as they watched the craft take off, after which they resumed their drive home.

In 1967, a Massachusetts housewife, Betty Andreasson, was carried from her home by extraterrestrials after they had placed her family in suspended animation. Her father and eldest daughter were able to confirm some of what took place. In the strange place Betty was taken to, aliens removed a tiny object from her nostril. She later remembered a lifetime of such encounters.

In the late seventies, paranormal investigators, Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo, explored twenty five years of UFO experiences among a group of women, the women were friends who were all able to recount their abduction experiences with vivid clarity.

In 1980, a New York artist named Budd Hopkins, began investigating cases of people losing time, this is when individuals have gaps in their memory of one or more hours, sometimes two hours. Time has passed that they are unable to account for. Hopkins began exploring stories from people who had these gaps in their timeline with associated anxiety to do with the event. Through his investigations he discovered a large number of abductees. The information he gleaned from his contact with these people led him to publish a book in 1981, titled Missing Time.

Hopkins, published a second book in 1987, this book was called, Intruders. In this book he recounted the story of Kathie Davis, a woman from Indianapolis. Kathie suffered recurrent abductions throughout her life. During one alien encounter Kathie was impregnated, months later the aliens took her and removed the fetus. Several years after this took place Kathie was again taken, this time she was introduced to a frail little girl, half human, half alien. The aliens told her this was her daughter.

Most abductions happen at night and to a single individual, the usual time span is one to three hours, sometimes it is days. The continuity of events has been confirmed again and again, with individuals recounting their experiences with uncanny similarities. Most undergoing up to eight episodes or more, in which they undergo capture, being taken onto a spacecraft, an examination, a conference, a tour of the craft. Some remember a journey to an otherworldly destination. When abductees describe their capture and abduction, they usually describe seeing an object in the sky, or a beam of light streaming towards them. Everything becomes silent, they feel as though they have no control over their limbs as they are overcome by a kind of paralysis, they feel as though they are floating. When they are onboard the ship they are examined while tall aliens watch them, there is silence and communication is telepathic. The abductees is prodded and poked, with fingers and instruments. The body is usually scanned, samples of skin and blood are taken, and tubes attached. Women have had eggs removed and males have had samples of sperm taken. Some abductees have an implant inserted or removed from behind their ear, or the nostril.

There is a certain cold detachment while the examinations are being performed. Some feel as though they are being tasked with a mission, others receive information about the future of the planet. Sometimes warnings are issued about the state of the planet and its ecological future. Often the abductees describe a feeling of sadness or elation after the event, if removed from their bed they are put back, if in their car they go back to their driving. The event has faded from their memory by this time, but they do feel disoriented as though they are trying to remember something that took place but they just can’t grasp it.

Physical symptoms after an abduction are, nausea, nosebleed, sore inflamed eyes, thirst, marks on the skin from biopsies, with nightmares and flashbacks. Many abductees make dramatic life changes after the event, some becoming more spiritual, others taking up new interests. Some develop new skills, many change their habits, or jobs.

In 1758, Swedish scientist Emanuel Swedenborg, published a book, Earths in the Solar World, this book documents his travels to other planets, the Moon, and his interaction with extraterrestrials. Each planet housed beings and their societies. He documented that Martians were beings content with their lives, and as caring entities who honoured their neighbour and upheld their society.

During the nineteenth century a well-known medium, Catherine Elie Muller, was able when in an altered state of consciousness, to channel Martian energy and information, and see the Martian landscape. Nineteenth century cult writer extraordinaire, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of Theosophy, described a supernatural hierarchy, she described ascended beings by name, one was referred to as “Lords of the Flame,” Blavatscky said these beings lived on Venus.

Edna and Guy Ballard built a religion on contact with extraterrestrials, the religion was based on his ongoing contact from those who provided him with information, whom he referred to as, “the Masters.”

Polish born George Adamski founded the Royal Order of Tibet in the 1930′s, and he lectured on “Universal Law.” When he moved to Palomar Gardens, on the southern slope of Mount Palomar, he built an observatory. In October 1946 Adamski and his associates were watching a meteor shower in the evening, they noticed a huge space craft in the night sky, and watched while it hovered overhead. Several weeks later Adamski was discussing the sighting, with people at the local restaurant, a military officer overheard the conversation. He addressed Adamski, telling him that the object was indeed from another world. The following year there were several reports of flying saucers, and people were talking about sightings. At this time Adamski saw 184 UFO’s pass overhead in squadrons of 32 each. Sometime later during another sighting, Adamski was able to produce two pictures of alien spacecrafts, taken through his six-inch telescope. Adamski published a book in 1949, Pioneers of Space, A Trip to the Moon, Mars and Venus.

In 1949, professor Adamski began giving lectures on flying saucers. He claimed that scientists and government had placed radar tracking on the other side of the moon. He also believed that UFO’s were going to land on Earth and make their presence known. Professor Adamski’s credibility was sealed in November, 1952. Along with six trusted associates, he drove out to the desert in the hope of seeing a UFO, two of his associates were Hunt Williams and Alice Wells. Just before midday, Adamski and his colleagues saw a very large silvery, cigar-shaped object approach, hover and then move away. Adamski believed the craft had come looking for him. He asked to be driven a mile down the road, as Alfred Bailey, Lucy McGinnis and Adamski, drove away, they realized that the cigar-shaped object was shadowing them.

Adamski was taken a mile down the road were his associates left him, there he set up his telescope, he was confident that aliens would make contact with him. His belief was rewarded when a small craft landed half a mile away. A being from the spacecraft, the entity had long blond, flowing hair, and a high forehead, waved to him. The alien communicated telepathically, few words and gestures. He told Adamski he was from the planet Venus, and there would be others visiting the Earth, in peace. He said alien civilizations were concerned deeply about nuclear proliferation and the wars taking place on Earth The alien wouldn’t allow Adamski to photograph him, but did ask for one of Adamski’s unexposed pictures. He then fare welled Adamski, entered his craft, and left Earth.

The spaceship returned on 13 December 1951, from an opened porthole the film was thrown out. When developed, the original picture was replaced with a photograph so strange, to this day it has not been deciphered. Adamski developed a following he became an international occult celebrity, he gave talks about his interactions with aliens of different civilizations, also his ongoing friendship with the Venusian alien, Orthon. He interacted with a Saturian, Ramu, and a Martian named Firkon. Ardamski referred to the space beings as the “Brothers,” and in 1962 he announced that he was going to be taken by aliens, in a craft to Saturn. He told those close to him that upon his return, he would reveal his knowledge, only to people of high standing.

Adamski mailed an account of his space journey, stating he had boarded a Saturian spacecraft at a U.S. Air Force base. In 1965 Adamski met with two faithful followers, Nelson and Madeleine Rodeffer. He told them a space person had stopped to see him, as he was about to meet with Vice President Humbert H. Humphrey. The being said that a spacecraft would fly over and they should have a camera ready to take photographs. The flying saucer appeared at 3pm and was filmed. When the film came back several pieces were missing, and fake images put in their place.

Adamski spent much of his life as an ardent believer in aliens, he studied all and any leads associated with extraterrestrials. On April 23, 1965, Adamski died of a heart attack, he had spent his life following his passion and remained an ardent believer until the day he died. As with anything beyond the five senses, Adamski had his detractors and his believers.

A young hitchhiker, 18 year old Norman Muscarello, was walking and hoping for a lift at 2am in the morning, he was heading home to Exeter south England. He noticed five flashing red lights approximate 90 feet away, they were blinking over a house near a field, as he looked more closely he realized that the lights were part of an object in the sky.

Muscarello described what he saw to the Air Force, from his gauge the object was approximately 90 feet in diameter. The craft was soundless, floated like a leaf in the breeze, it seemed to rise and fall. There was only one light on at a time, the lights pulsated, one, two, three, four, five, five, four, three, two, one. Muscarello froze in fear when the lights suddenly moved towards him, causing him to dive into the ditch in reaction, the craft moved backwards, hovered for a time, then disappeared. The terrified hitchhiker, banged on the door of the nearest house, screaming, but there was no response from the occupants of the house. Muscarello then saw headlights coming along the road and ran to flag down the car, inside were a middle aged couple, who dropped him off at Exeter police station, it was 2.24am. Muscarello, in a highly agitated state, recounted his close encounter to Patrolman Reginald “Scratch” Toland. As Muscarello was known as a tough young man the officer took his recounting of events seriously. Patrolman Toland, radioed Officer Eugene F. Bertrand, Jr. who was out on patrol, and asked him to come to the station to talk to Muscarello.

It had been an eventful evening for Officer Bertrand, Jr. at 1am on the Route 108 bypass, he saw a car stopped along the side of the road, the woman in the car was trying to gain her equilibrium after seeing a huge object in the sky with red flashing lights. The object followed her from Epping (12 miles), staying only a few feet from her car. The craft rose suddenly and disappeared into the night as she reached the overpass. Officer Bertrand thought she was a mad woman, but stayed with her until she was calm and ready to drive once more. When Bertrand heard Muscarello’s story, the frightened woman’s story made sense, Officer Bertrand was so curious by this time, he drove Muscarello back to the site, it was 3am. When they reached the field they looked around, they had covered about 50 feet when horses began to whiny and kick the side of the barn, dogs howled. Mascarello began screaming that he could see the object. Officer Bertrand later described what he saw as, “this huge dark object as big as that barn over there, with red flashing lights on it.” He watched the enormous object almost hit a 70 foot high pine tree, as at an angle it came towards them. As a reflex action Officer Bertrand reached for his gun and aimed it at the craft that appeared to have a red halo around it. Bertrand then thought better of his actions and holstered his gun, and led the frightened Muscarello back to the car.

They two men watched the hovering craft which was at an altitude of 100 feet, the lights flashed from left to right and right to left. Bertrand contacted another officer, who also witnessed the event. After the craft left a B-47 came over, this reinforced that what they three men had witnessed was in fact a craft definitely not from Earth. When Officer Bertrand and Patrolman Hunt, returned to the station to write their reports, they received a call from a local night operator, who had just spoken to a terrified man, claiming to have been chased by a flying saucer. The operator lost the call, she then tried to contact the frightened man with Exeter police. The call was traced to an outdoor phone box in Hampton, the Hampton police were immediately notified, the two police officers tried to find the man, they even went to the local hospital, the man never came forward.

The following day the events of the evening were relayed at 1pm, to Major David H. Griffin and Lt. Alan Brandt, who arrived from Pease Air Force Base, which was several miles away. The Major and the Lieutenant, asked the witnesses not to talk to the press. This was however like, “locking the stable door after the horse has bolted,” as the Manchester Union Leader, after learning of the sighting, had interviewed the men already.

The following week a ufologist investigator for the Washington based National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), arrived in Exeter from Massachusetts. Raymond E. Fowler, initiated a thorough investigation. Major Griffin filed a report to Project Blue Book, on the investigation, he wrote that Pease AFB had five B 47 aircraft flying in the area at the time of the sighting, but did not believe the aircraft had anything to do with what the men saw. The Pentagon in Washington, was already downplaying the event before Blue Book received the report from Major Griffin. They were saying that it was only “stars and planets twinkling.” The government attempted to further dismiss the event by saying there were many aircraft from the Air Base in the air on the evening of the sighting, and that none of the personel reported seeing anything untoward.

A letter was written by Bertrand and signed by both witnesses on December 2. In it they wrote that they were convinced of the validity of what they witnessed, on the night of September 1965. Even though the Pentagon released its final evaluation discounting the events, and citing aircraft from the air base as being what the witnesses really saw. Both patrolmen reconfirmed their citing, which had been clear and at close range, they were in no doubt whatsoever what they had seen was a UFO. They wrote that the night was clear and they could tell the difference between fact and fiction perfectly well. They wrote that they were professional men, whose jobs depended on the accuracy of their reports. They were distressed by the Pentagon’s report, attributing the sightings to “multiple high altitude objects in the area,” and “weather inversion.” Both officers were absolutely convinced that their recounting of the experience was accurate, they said there was no wind, the weather was clear and they could see perfectly well. They both agreed that what they saw was not a military, or civilian craft. One of the officers had been in the military for four years, he was engaged in refueling operations with many different types of military aircraft. He knew that what they saw was neither a helicopter nor balloon. The way it suddenly appeared and just as suddenly disappeared was unlike any aircraft he had ever seen.

Officers Bertrand and Hunt, sent another letter on December 29 1965, confirming what they had seen and questioning the official explanations. The craft that the witnesses saw, was a hundred feet in the air and completely silent, there were no blades, rush of air from jets or helicopter blades, it had no tail or wings. The craft was so bright it lit up the entire field, two houses nearby turned red. They later received a letter from Lt. Col. John Spaulding, it was sent from the office of the Secretary of the Air Force, telling the men they had been unable to identify the object that the men had observed, September 3 1965. In the autumn of 1965 several witnesses reported seeing UFO’s being pursued by other craft. A book written by John G. Fuller, was published, Incident at Exeter, in 1966.

In 1982 a scholarly conference was held, it was the Abduction Study Conference, held at MIT. It was a five day meeting, with 150 academics and professionals. Experiences were recorded in, Alien Discussions, a volume of proceedings, 700 pages long.

In all abductees description of the abduction experience, there is a constancy in the information. Such as the description of the craft and its alien occupants. When they first view the UFO, they see a round, thin, circular disc, sometimes cylinder, or cigar shaped, sometimes a sphere or a cube shape, there are other variations, but all are referred to again and again, by those who were taken. The abductees taken from their homes, usually describe a beam of light streaming into their home.

When aboard the craft they see an examination room with an examination table, a nursery, a hall, an engine room, all areas are sparsely furnished, no one has ever reported seeing a living area, or quarters for the crew. Most abductees recount a circular examination room with domed ceiling and smooth surfaces. It appears as though the walls and ceiling are fluorescent, all describe a bright light shining into their face, preventing them from seeing anything clearly. The atmosphere is described as damp and heavy, and there is usually one table per room. In some instances the abductees saw several examination table in one room.

The entities on board the ship are described as being between two and a half, to five feet tall. With oversized head and large eyes, a narrow jaw and gray face, a small slit for a mouth, with holes for nose and ears. They are uniformly dressed in what appears to be a fitted all in one outfit, in a silvery colour, something like a wetsuit. Communication is telepathic with each other and with the abducted, they appear to be androgynous. The taller grays seem to be the leaders, the shorter beings guided and directed by them. Some reports describe reptilian type aliens, others describe hybrids. There have been reports by British abductees, of a Nordic looking alien, tall blonde, blue eyed and very beautiful. These beautiful aliens have a gentle and friendly demeanor.

All abductees report that they felt that they were under the influence of mind control, they were passive, unable to react or resist. Lethargy and paralysis are felt by all abductees, many describe it as feeling as though they were hypnotized. A touch to the head could also relieve pain during the examinations. Abductees find themselves floating instead of walking, when taken from their home they recall passing through doors or walls. This type of encounter seems to take place within a vacuum, there is no sound whatsoever.

Psychologists and psychiatrist examining abductees, have found them to be within a normal range on the psychological scale. Individuals are taken from all walks of life and the only related factor is that afterwards they all suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Multiple abductees have complemented each other with their vivid description of their encounter. There is also physical evidence, some women experiencing disappearing pregnancies, others having marks on their bodies.

Some ufologists look at what has, is, and will continue to take place with aliens, as an opportunity for mankind to learn and grow, believing these entities offer a more expansive world. Some paraphysical theorists liken the phenomena to the faery folklore, the faeries kidnapped unwitting humans, for genealogical reasons. The suggestion being, the otherworldly contact shifts the collective consciousness and awakens mankind to an alternate universe. Many believing we will be better off for the encounter, others fearing we will lose control of Earth. Regardless of what is thought or believed there is, has, and will be information pointing to the fact that, we are not alone.

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