Roswell UFO 1947

In 1947, Roswell, New Mexico, had the eyes of the world upon it. The incident was the recovery of an object that had crashed, it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft with alien occupants. Many believe the alien occupants were captured by the military and taken to a secret location. The Roswell Army Air Field public information officer, Walter Haut, on July 8, 1947, issued a press release, stating that government personnel had recovered a crashed, “flying disk,” from a ranch near Roswell. The next day a Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force, issued a statement saying that it was not a “flying disk,” but a radar-tracking balloon.

Barney Barnett was a civilian engineer from Socorro, New Mexico, and one of the first to arrive at the crash scene. He told friends that he had seen alien bodies on the ground and inside the spaceship. The aliens he described had large heads and huge round eyes, spaced wide apart. A military unit arrived on the scene soon after and an officer ordered him off the site, forbidding him to speak about what he had witnessed. Barnett, along with other eye witnesses saw between two, and five, non human bodies.

There were two credible witnesses to the incident in 1947, one was Mac Brazel, the man who discovered the debris. In his interview he said that he found, “bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper, and sticks.

Mac Brazel’s daughter Bessie, helped to recover the debris, she described the pieces as heavily waxed paper that was like foil. She commented on the lettering and numbers written on the material, and mentioned there were no words. She recounted that the metal foil had a type of tape stuck to then, and when they were held to the light, they showed what looked like pastel flowers or designs. Although the stuff looked like tape and appeared to be fragile, it could not be peeled off or removed. She said there was a lot of it, and it was very light in weight.

In a signed statement, Bessie described the debris as looking like fragments of a burst balloon, she said they were of a double sided material, foil like on one side and rubber like on the other. Both sides were grayish silver in colour, and the foil was more silvery than the rubber. She said that no one was able to tear the foil like material.

Mac Brazel’s son Bill Jr. said the wood had Japanese or Chinese figures drawn on it. His son Jesse Jr. described the material from the crash as metallic like, but not metal, and said it was very tough. He described some structural like material, beams and so on. He mentioned a large amount of black, plastic material which appeared to be organic. He also said that along the remnants of the beam there were hieroglyphic characters. Jesse described a thick foil like metallic gray substance, a fragile brown black plastic like material, and fragments of what seemed to be I-beams, with writing on the inner surface. The writing was described as being purple violet in colour, with an embossed appearance. The figures, geometric in shape, resembling hieroglyphics.

Mac Brazel was detained at the base by the military, this was confirmed by the base provost marshal, Major Edwin Easley. Major Easley said that he had sworn an oath not to talk about what had happened at Roswell. Family members claimed that on his death bed, Easley talked of creatures at Roswell.

Jesse Marcel, recovered debris on a ranch near Roswell in 1947, he said it was, “not of this world.” He also said that a lot of the debris looked like parchment, and that it had numbers and hieroglyphics on it. He described these as being painted on, these numbers could not be broken, nor could they be burned. As more people were interviewed regarding the UFO, numerous accounts of aliens and alien craft began to surface. Jesse tried to burn the material he had discovered with a cigarette lighter, but it would not burn, or even smoke, it was impervious to the flame. The pieces that he picked up were as thin as tinfoil, someone tried to bend the material and it would not yield, it was hit with a sledgehammer and not a dent could be made.

Sheridan Cavitt of the Roswell Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC), described the crash site as small, and having bamboo sticks scattered around. He mentioned a reflective type of material that at first seemed like aluminum foil, Cavitt along with a fellow officer collected some of it. The officer was his CIC assistant Sgt. Lewis Rickett.

The following day when Sgt. Ricket went to the crash site, a massive cleanup operation was underway, the site was heavily guarded by MPs. Ricket picked up a piece of debris, it was a slightly curved piece of metal, very light to hold. It was bendable, yet didn’t crease. It couldn’t be broken or snapped. Ricket had never seen anything like this, and he heard talk about it not being from Earth.

A government employee named Frank Kaufmann worked as the Roswell, he was part of a nine man team, they were the only ones permitted to go the crash site. Frank said that within the downed craft there was one alien thrown against the arroyo wall, and another hanging from the craft. He saw two more inside the craft, all wearing fitted all in one suits, much like a wet suit and they were silvery. The aliens had tiny eyes and ears, no hair, they were about five feet tall, had normal hands, with pale grayish skin.

Some of the glyphs on the alien craft, were translated, reading, “Elephtheria” or “Freedom.” The translation for the Greek letters, the four bottom line characters are, I-S-H-R, translation from the Greek word, ishrigmos – (high frequency sound). R-H-S-I, translation is (saying), or (maxim) or (motto). Add (high frequency sound) to the word freedom, it reads, Liberation and Independence.

Kevin Randle, a former captain in US Air Force intelligence, along with Don Schmitt, director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, began a new investigation of the Roswell crash in the 1980′s.
They found that on 9 July 1947, the day after the event, Max Brazel visited Sheriff George Wilcox, informing him of the strange discovery made near his ranch. One of Sheriff Wilcox’s granddaughters was interviewed in 1991, she stated that Sheriff Wilcox, not only saw the debris of a UFO, but saw “little space beings.” He described them as having gray complexions and large heads, dressed in suits of a silver silky material. Sheriff Wilcox was later visited by men from the military, who told him to ensure the wellbeing of his family and himself he was never to talk about what he saw at Roswell.

During their investigation, Schmitt and Randle contacted Ms. Frankie Rowe, who was 12 years old when the Roswell incident took place. Ms. Rowe’s father was a lieutenant with the fire department, and was called early in the morning to extinguish a fire. That evening he told his family that he had seen a type of ship, and on closer inspection saw two alien bodies in body bags, and a third alien walking around dazed. He described the entities as being small like children.

Schmitt and Randle also made contact with the mortician at Roswell in 1947, Glenn Dennis, he said he had been threatened by the military and told to remain silent about the bodies he had witnessed at the crash site. Mr Dennis was at the Roswell Army Air Field hospital on the evening of the 8 July. Out of fear he remained silent about what he had actually witnessed that evening.

After locating their credible witnesses and documenting their stories, Schmitt and Randle believed absolutely that aliens do exist and that the government did not want to reveal this to the general public.
Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, believes that a UFO exploded in the sky on 8 July 1947, and the debris was shipped to Wright Field Air Force Base, in Dayton. Friedman’s theory is that under orders from base commander Colonel William Blanchard, Walter Haut prepared the official press release initiating the cover up which concealed the truth from the public about the UFO crash.

Friedman, along with author researcher William Moore, interviewed over 130 people with firsthand knowledge of what took place at Roswell. He believes that after the identification of the extraterrestrial wreckage. The official cover-up log, was kept both at the Roswell base and the headquarters of the Eighth Air Force in Fort Worth, Texas, by Eighth Air Force Commander Roger Ramey. This done on direct orders from General Glements McMullen at SAC headquarters in Washington.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Project Apollo astronaut, stated on more than one occasion that Roswell was an actual alien event, saying his knowledge was based on his high level contact within the government. He also stated that he had seen secret files citing government knowledge, and the decision not to tell the public. He also spoke of bodies that were being studied.

Senator Barry Goldwater, retired Brigadier General in the US Air Force Reserve, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee. Told a story on several occasions of alien artifacts being kept at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

A young tech specialist stationed at the White House in the US Army Signal Corps from 1959-1961, received a Pentagon briefing on a 1947 New Mexico crash. Those briefed on the Roswell incident were told that alien bodies were recovered, and they were shown anomalous debris.

Retired Air Force Brigadier General, Arthur Exon, was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Based in 1947. When interviewed Brigadier Exon said that some strange material was shipped to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Exon said that the thin and lightweight metal could not be bent, burned or dented. Exon overheard talk of bodies being recovered from the wreckage. He believed the White house was involved in a cover up, and that there was an alien craft from outer space recovered at Roswell.

Between 1964 – 1966, Exon was Wright Pattersons’ base commanding officer, he stated that during his time as the base chief, there were many UFO crash recoveries brought to the base. Exon did not have first hand access to the areas of the base where matters associated with UFO’s were handled. Although he did state that he had spoken to firsthand witnesses, with knowledge of bodies being recovered and debris.

Retired Air Force officer Brigadier General Thomas J. Dubose, was a colonel and General Ramey’s chief of staff, in 1947. He said all interviews related to Roswell were conducted secretly, he also mentioned a shipment of debris by “colonel courier,” from Roswell to Washington, first stop Fort Worth. Dubose said he personally received the order from General Clarence McMullen in Washington, telling him to cover up the Roswell incident. The incident was dubbed, “beyond top secret.” Dubose confirmed that the weather balloon cover story was to divert the press.

Friends and family of a senior pilot at Roswell at the time of the crash, Capt. Oliver Henderson, stated he told them he had flown the remains of a flying saucer to Wright Field. He also said that he had seen small alien bodies. A member of the Army Counter Intelligence Corp at Roswell base, described the metallic debris as “highly anomalous,” and confirmed an operation at the Brazel ranch that was large scale and highly secretive.

On June 24, 1997, the United States Air Force, conducted a special Pentagon briefing announcing the release of its explanation of the Roswell incident. The Air Force released “The Roswell Report: Case Closed.” They stated that the bodies were “anthropomorphic” test dummies carried upwards to high altitudes in balloons, for scientific research. This report was received with extreme skepticism, partly because the experiments documented, did not begin until 1953. The Air force suggested that all the witnesses to the event, were wrong about the dates of the alleged sightings, ufologists the world over felt that the government wanted to sweep the matter under the carpet in any way they could.
To this day there is still speculation about what did actually take place at Roswell, and there are still many, laymen and scientists, unearthing information that points to the fact that on the 8 July 1947, a UFO piloted by aliens, did fly into the Earth’s atmosphere and crash at Roswell New Mexico