True UFO Encounters

In 1954 Truman Bethurum published his book Aboard a Flying Saucer, in it he describes how he had been carrying out maintenance on a highway that runs through the Nevada desert. He encountered five aliens, they were olive skinned, five feet tall and wearing uniforms. They looked human and could pass themselves off as humans allowing them to move freely on Earth, they said they did this from time to time.

The captain of the UFO was a female named Aura Rhanes, Bethurum described as ‘Queen of women,’ and very shapely and beautiful, sometime after his encounter with Aura Rhanes, Bethurum saw her drinking a glass of fruit juice in a restaurant, Aura ignored him. Bethurum said the aliens came from a planet called Clarion, this planet he said had no disease, discomfort, distress or war, it was hidden behind the Moon and very close to Earth.

In 1974 as they were returning from a relative’s house in Essex England, John and Susan Day, along with their three children saw a UFO as they were driving in their car, a blue light was emanating from it and it seemed to be following them. A short time later their car radio began smoking and stopped working, they drove around a bend and entered what seemed to be a green fog, while driving through it the car was jolted around. As they emerged from the fog they were much further along the road than they should have been, they returned home and turned on the television, finding the evenings shows were finished. They had lost several hours of time.

The incident was investigated by Andy Collins and Barry King, investigated the incident. The family remembered being taken onto a craft by aliens who they described as being tall, fair humanoids, these aliens are known as Nordics. One of Britain’s foremost ufologists and abduction researchers Jenny Randles was present during one hypnosis session in 1978. Susan day was asked why the aliens had come to Earth, she was told that the aliens had genetically engineered the human race and they visited Earth to check up on them. The unusual aspect of Susan’s conversation while under hypnosis, was that she seemed to be relaying the questions that Jenny was posing to her, directly to the aliens during the actual regression.

While driving along the A5 towards Towcester, heading towards the village of Church Stowe, on 22 November 1978, Elsie Oakensen encountered a UFO, the craft was stationary, it was a grey dumbbell shaped craft and had two bright lights on the underside of each end, one light was red the other green. The green light began flashing, her car came to a halt without her applying the brake, it suddenly became dark even though it had been light a moment before. A bright light shone down on her from above, then the darkness disappeared and it was light again. Elsie checked the time when she arrived home and noticed that her fifteen minute journey home from work had taken thirty minutes. It was later found that another person, Georgina Lourie along with her three friends were driving around the same time as Elsie and they too saw a light at the same time. Georgina’s car also stopped and the four occupants of the car saw the object fly away at a phenomenal speed. In 1979, Elsie Oakensen was regressed by Martin Keatman one of BUFORA’s coordinators, during her session she described a bright light coming towards her and two ghost like entities looking at her. The UFO encounter transformed Elsie’s life, she became involved in occult matters, finding she had nascent psychic skills leading to her becoming a spiritual healer.

While walking on Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire on 1 December 1987, former police officer Philip Spencer, heard a humming sound and saw a strange creature on the moor. He was carrying his camera and had gone out with the intention of taking photographs, he took a picture of the entity and followed it. The creature led him to a UFO which appeared to be two separate saucers joined together, the alien entered the craft and the craft took off at high speed. Upon returning home Spencer found that two hours had gone by, during a regression session following his encounter he described being taken into the craft and placed on a table. The aliens who placed him on the table had pointed ears, Spencer was then shown a film of apocalyptic images. A second film that he viewed the aliens told him not to reveal the contents.

Maria Ward lived most of her life in Dartford Kent, she grew up with a natural affinity towards the paranormal. From very young she had psychic experiences of some form or another, she witnessed poltergeist activity on numerous occasions from very young. The paranormal was a normal part of her day to day life, her father took her and her siblings into the woods often to teach them about nature. Maria remembers seeing characters in the woods that she called Midgets, she referred to them as Mud Midgets because of their brown colouring. Over time Maria began referring to them a faeries, when she was seven she saw a ball of blue light which she and her siblings wanted to play with. Their father was uncomfortable about this, over the years Maria often woke from sleep to find herself in the garden where she remembers playing with the faeries. Maria felt these encounters were perfectly natural it was only when she was older she realized this didn’t happen to all people.

When Maria was nineteen she gave birth to the only child she would ever had, the doctors said that this was because of a previous laparoscopy which had left adhesions in the uterus. There was also a scar on her navel, consistent with keyhole surgery. Maria told the doctors that apart from a cyst being removed from her ear when she was a child, she hadn’t had any surgery. All the paranormal events in Maria’s life ceased between the ages of eighteen and twenty eight. A normal life began and Maria embarked on a five year degree course in philosophy and comparative religion.

When Maria reached the age of twenty eight her experiences began again, her son Andres also began having odd experiences, he told his mother about a lady who would come into his room to talk to him. Maria also witnessed her son floating above his bed giggling, she had also seen him when he was younger appearing to throwing a ball as though he was playing with someone. On one occasion after Andras was put in his cot, yet was found later on the floor of the bedroom, his leg was in plaster at the time due to a deformity in his foot. In November 1990, Maria’s husband had to go away for a few days, she was apprehensive as during the previous weeks there had been a series of beeps in the house, two sets of three beeps. On the evening of 21 November at 11.30 pm Maria went to bed, at 3.17 am she was shaken awake as though someone had grabbed her while she was sleeping. Maria noticed a blue light outside, it was shaped like a wheel with spokes, on the outer rim there were multicolored lights that rotated. The object moved towards the window, Maria was fearful and tried to wake her son, he appeared to be in a catatonic state and she was unable to wake him.

At this point a blue light appeared to come through the wall, Maria heard a voice telling her not to be afraid and to follow the light. She followed the light downstairs, she was led through the locked front door by the light, she was then pulled upwards quickly she was aware of trees below her. Maria had a ringing in her ears and felt as though she was being sucked up, she then had the sensation of being in a lift. Movement stopped suddenly and Maria was standing on solid ground, there were shuffling sounds, there was light and she saw three small brown creatures standing in front of her. She recognized these entities from years before, they were between three and four feet tall, they were mud colored and not wearing any clothes. The creatures were completely smooth with no body hair, no nose or ears and huge eyes.

The three aliens then took Maria along a corridor, an opening appeared in front of her where there had been no opening. She was then in a room with a rectangular platform on which she sat, she heard a whooshing noise behind her and felt fear. Another creature appeared it was a tall creature, off white in colour it had a small bump for a nose and a slit where the mouth should have been. The eyes protruded and were deep black, as Maria looked into the eyes of this alien it communicated with her, she was compelled to keep looking into its eyes. The alien touched Maria and she felt as though thoughts were being pulled from her head, at this point the small brown aliens were very busy as though being commanded. Her body was then poked all over with a short rod that was bright green, this was painful but bruises appeared where she had been touched. The aliens then inserted an object in her neck below her ear, this she described as being very painful. Through telepathic communication she became aware that the aliens did not understand the concept of pain, the tall alien looked into her eyes and the pain went away.

When Maria looked down she saw something move inside her stomach and a sharp pull at her navel. All the beings left then later one of the taller beings returned, Maria sensed this one was female, she appeared to be wearing a strange paper dress. As the alien female stared at Maria, she felt a range of emotions she believed to be induced. She was then shown a series of apocalyptic images leaving her feeling drained. One of the most dramatic images was a view of Earth from up above, she saw a dirty mass of clouds, over the North Pole she saw a yellow and black coloured cloud. Maria heard a ringing sound and saw the Earth collapse in on itself, she then saw a separate image of a nuclear explosion in the South of France.

There was one particular image Maria believed to be an alien planet, she saw a desert, orange and brown, there was no wind and the atmosphere was filled with dust. There was a glow in the sky she saw two orange Suns. After this image she saw an apocalyptic image of flood waters covering the Iron Age hill fort of Tratoon Camp in Wiltshire. Other images were of global events such as wars. Suddenly the imagery ended, Maria was told she would forget what she had seen.

Marias next memory was being in her bedroom at home, she felt sick, had a headache, a stomach ache and sore nose and ears, she climbed into bed exhausted and went to sleep, waking the following morning with no memory of the events of the night before. She looked as though she had been beaten all over, her T-shirt was covered in an orange material and her feet were dirty. Maria new something she could not explain had taken place and several weeks later she consulted a hypnotherapist Dr. Susan Winne, under hypnosis she was able to recall her alien encounter, and other instances.

Maria continued to have UFO experiences which led to her interest in UFO phenomena and crop circles. Maria has passed two polygraph test, administered by Jeremy Barrett, a qualified expert. Maria has spoken out about her experiences in order to help others who may have been traumatized by such events. She works with those who have had encounters providing a source of comfort as they try to explain the unexplainable.