UFO Abductions and Encounters

In 1987 there were several reports of UFO encounters and abductions, over the years it was found that with 96 reports of UFO encounters, 40 percent described little men, and over 50 percent described tall or humanoid beings, 2 percent described grays.

A graphic designer from Johannesburg was driving home from work with her mother Pat after working until the early hours of 19 July 1988, it was 3.40 am when the two women became aware of a bright light moving towards the car. At first Debra thought another car was about to crash into them, then the light appeared to come from above and they were blinded by its brightness. Debra fearfully reacted and locked the car doors, the next thing she knew she was inside a room that contained a bed and table. There were two beings, one male, one female standing there, they told the women to lie down. The beds were high off the ground, the male alien touched Pat on the head and she floated up to the bed. The women were subjected to X-rays and knitting needles was inserted into their bodies above the navel. DNA and blood were taken from both the women. The beings seemed similar to humans and the woman seemed to be in charge, she had a sing-song voice and she gave her name as Meleelah. Two hours later the two women woke in the car, all they knew when they woke was that two hours had passed at that point they had no recollection of the light that had ingulfed them, their memory came back in bits and pieces.

In another incident in Johannesburg 1987, a woman saw a white light appear in her house, a man appeared from the light and tried to take her away. She remembers seeing a white room, she lost consciousness and when she came around she was back home and quite bemused by what had taken place.

In October 1987, Jean Lafitte from Roodepoort relayed tales of a series of abductions that had taken place beginning in 1956. Jean was paralyzed by a bright light, he then found himself in a room with aliens who had very large heads. They aliens said they hailed from the Pleiades and had come to earth to study humans, they said another race of aliens from Alpha Centuari had also visited earth. They also told the man that they had helped to clean up radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident.

Peter and his wife Frances were driving from Rhodesia to Durban, South Africa, as 2.30 am on 31 May 1974. Their car was followed by strange lights, they both had a sensation of slow motion as though they were dreaming. They lost track of time and felt as though they had entered an altered state of awareness. When they arrived at the South African border, their speedometer recorded 200 miles less than the distance they had travelled and they had used almost no petrol. Peter remembers Frances being in a deep sleep, almost like a coma, Peter had a history of telepathic occurrences, out of body visions, very strange dreams and remembers a similar experience when he was just 13 years old. What occurred while Peter was driving with his wife reminded him of several out of body experiences he could remember taking place during his life.

Seven month after this incident Peter was regressed by Dr. Paul Obertik, Peter remembers an alien beaming into the back seat of his car who implanted images of a room where humans were taken. He recalled that there were 12 planets of the Milky Way from which this type of Alien came, and they travelled back in time to reach Earth. To humans the image of these aliens was hairless with baby faces, apparently they manifested this way because this is what humans expected aliens to look like. The intention of these particular aliens was to improve the condition of Earth and the humans who inhabited the planet, they did not wish to interfere. They lived on Earth among humans in order to influence and inhance their lives. While Peter was being hypnotized he said that the aliens were 2,000 years ahead of Earth in terms of their progress.

In August 1981, fearing evil spirits, a group of native foresters in Zimbabwe who were heading home, fearfully fled from a ball of light that appeared in front of them. The only one who stood his ground was the headman, Clifford Muchena, who stood and faced the spirit. He believed what he was seeing were ancestral spirits. He was interviewed later and described the ball of light turning into a disk that glowed and floated above the ground, against the glow he saw three tall humanlike entities silhouetted against the glow. He walked towards them and a bright flare of light hit him in the eyes, the impact threw him backwards. Paralyzed and semi consciousness, Clifford was unable to do anything and after a period when he was able to move the light and the beings had disappeared. With further investigation it was found that there were witnesses who described seeing spirits carrying torches and the torches emitted a light that paralyzed Clifford.

These men were unaware of a Moon landing or of UFO sightings around the world and did not believe what they were told when the woman who interviewed them tried to explain these things. As far as they were concerned they had witnessed spirits and spirit light, although their story was closely aligned with other descriptions of alien encounters.

Shortly after World War I, the first abduction in Marseilles, France took place, at Le Verger in the summer of 1944, Madeleine Arnoux, who was a teenager at the time saw a machine while she was picking berries. It was small and grey and nearby she saw several small men dressed in brown overalls, a ray paralyzed her and she lost all sense of time. Madeleine felt a tingling sensation throughout her body, the men then returned to their craft and flew off into the sky. Many other French citizens described the same sensation after witnessing the same thing as Madeleine.

Cyrus a former gendarme turned businessman was driving his Peugeot near Longages on the 29 August 1975. He saw an oval object in a field next to the road which emitted a phosphorescent glow. The craft suddenly swooped towards him as if it was going to crash into his car, he lost control of his car and landed in a ditch. The craft continued to hover overhead causing Cyrus to become dizzy, it emitted a light as bright of sunlight. A man driving in the opposite direction had also seen the UFO, he stopped his car and opened the car door. He thought that Cyrus’s car was about to explode in the bright light, the man witnessed the UFO change to a red colour and disappear upwards at high speed. Several local residents reported seeing a bright light that night.

After his encounter, Cyrus was unable to speak for a time he was also unable to sleep, he complained of sore eyes and his watch had stopped working. He also appeared to have developed narcolepsy, falling asleep at various times during the day, Cyrus was never hypnotically regressed after the incident and no further details came to light.

A scientist who lived near Provence, called Dr X was woken at 3.55 am on 2 November 1968 by his 18 month old child. There was a storm outside and a bright glow in the sky, through the window the scientist saw two lense shaped objects that appeared to be drawing electricity from clouds. After this event Dr X began experiencing out of body experiences and strange dreams, also a serious axe wound on his leg was cured. Several days after the sighting a triangular red blotch appeared on his abdomen and the abdomen of his baby. The blotch faded then reappeared over the years.

On the 14 August 1951, a farmer found several beings, over eight feet tall inspecting a cemetery, nearby was a nearby round craft. The beings had white faces and large blue eyes. A light beam was fired at the farmer from a tube, this had no affect and the entities climbed up a ladder into the craft. The craft then shot up into the air and made a noise similar to a vacuum cleaner.

During many encounters over time the witnesses were knocked out by a beam of light. When the aliens did communicate it was usually telepathically and they often issued warnings to do with nuclear war, leading ufologist to conclude that aliens were tracking the evolution of mankind and the difficulties inherent. Aliens often issued warnings about climate change and the ozone layer, this information was reinforced in July 1968, when Walter Rizzi was driving in the Grodner Pass of the Dolomites. He had been driving for a long time and stopped for a break only to be woken after a short nap by a burning odour.

Rizzi jumped out of his car and came upon a craft from which emerged beings who were referred to as grays. They were smaller than humans, had grey skins and were hairless, they had round heads and slanted eyes that were cat like. These beings told him that they were from a galaxy far away and they needed to use two types of propulsion to reach Earth. One they used in space for magnetic drive and one within Earth’s atmosphere. They told him that their stay on Earth was always short because the atmosphere caused them to age quickly. They followed a code of conduct that did not allow them to interfere with Earth’s politics and events, however they were happy to assist by issuing warnings of danger to Earth and its people. These aliens described a sudden polar shift that would bring about devastating climatic changes and they believed that most life on Earth would be destroyed by this event.

On 4 July 1978, on the slopes of the volcano Mount Sona, two Air Force sergeants a Naval officer and his girlfriend saw a red triangle in the sky, they decided to follow the triangle. As they came closer a light detached itself from the craft, the four drove after it and as they came around a bend a dazzling light blocked their path. Below in the darkness they saw a domed object and two strange beings were climbing the cliff wall up to where the witnesses had no means of escape. The beings were Nordics they had blonde hair and beautiful symmetrical features, they were dressed in black suits. The four were paralyzed and felt tingling in their bodies, the aliens were smiling as they moved towards the group of people. The UFO began to glow brightly, a car then approached on the mountain road and the lights of the craft turned off, as this took place the witnesses were then able to move. The terrified four ran to their car and drove away as fast as they could. They all felt extremely tired afterwards as though all the energy had been drained from their bodies, they all needed to sleep for several hours to recover.

More alien encounters and abductions have been reported from England than anywhere else in the world. In 1940, Cathie Connelly was walking in fields in Warwickshire, Meriden. She saw a metal dome on the ground emitting a blue light, several tall Nordics with tanned skins were standing around the dome. Not realizing she was witnessing entities from another planet, Cathie walked past thinking they were foreigners working on something. When she turned to look back they had disappeared, later she began to have psychic experiences where she was contacted telepathically by the aliens who passed on messages to her.

A retired audiologist Edwin who lived in a remote house in Sedlescombe, Sussex claimed to have been visited by thin humanoids wearing black one piece suits, in autumn 1967. The beings had grey faces like parchment, they had no body hair, their skin was like withered leaves. Edwin gave the aliens some plants from his garden and invited them into his home. Edwin said that the aliens spoke to each other using whistling and twittering sounds. Edwin drew a map of the solar system and asked the aliens to point out where they came from, they pointed to a spot beyond Pluto, other than this they did not attempt to communicate with Edwin. They did however want to take Edwin’s pet dog with them, he talked them out of this and gave them a china ornament instead. As Edwin watched the alien craft leave, it simple disappeared.

A woman named Corinne from Birmingham who was in her early 30s, began being abducted when she was a child. Her parents remember incidents in which their daughter appeared to be in a catatonic trance. While in this state she could not be woken. As early as 18 month old Corinne cried and said that a man had floated outside her window at night. She saw this often and described the man as small with a white face and black eyes. When Corinne was older she realized she had rapport with this being, he appeared to know her well although she did not know him. During her teenage years her dreams of aliens were very vivid, on one occasion she saw several aliens floating into her bedroom. She chase them away by spraying them with a can of hairspray. By the age of 18 her dreams had become nightmares and she recounted being forced by aliens to give birth to a super intelligent baby. The baby has wrinkled skin, fine hair, unpleasant features. The aliens told Corinne that it was a hybrid with a mix of human and alien DNA and that it was her task to look after the baby. Corinne believed these dreams/nightmares were in fact real events that had been taking place throughout her life.

In Britain there have been many stories of alien-human hybrid babies. Several woman reported experiencing a spontaneous abortion after what appeared to be a phantom pregnancy several weeks after they had been abducted. Generally those recounting these stories were down to earth woman who did not tell their families what had happened to them, they were not seeking publicity just understanding and answers. With all the women the pregnancies were not the result of relations with a male partner.

From all recounts of alien encounter or abduction it is reported that the person is in an altered state of unconsciousness. Most abductions take place late at night or in the early hours of the morning, the common environments are the bedroom, or in a car on a dark isolated road. Most encounters take place between midnight and five am. England has many reports from motorists driving in the early hours of the morning along the roads in Devon. Something that is called the Oz factor also occurs, this includes an altered state of unconsciousness, sensory deprivation and tuning into an inner reality. Aliens make contact after the person has entered an altered state.

The vastness of the universe contains trillions of stars and many are Suns much like Earth’s Sun. With continued research scientist are finding that in all probability there are planets much like Earth where life can exist. Most astronomers conclude that there is life on other planets and it is likely far more advance than life on Earth.


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