World’s Top 10 Most Haunted Objects

Ten of the most haunted objects in the world.

10 Of The World’s Most Mysteriously Haunted Objects


The haunted wedding dress once belonged to Anna Baker, who was the daughter of rich iron magnate, Elias Baker. Since Anna’s father had so much money, she had everything that she could ever wish for, except true love. Her father had made it clear that when Anna married, it would have to be to someone of her own social standing. In other words, he had to be rich. However, Anna fell head-over-heels for a low paid worker at her father’s blast furnace and Elias was none too happy about it. He forbade her from marrying her one true love, and as a response, Anna decided she would never marry and died an old maid. Because she couldn’t marry her one true love, she was unable to wear the dress that she and her mother had picked out for such an occasion. Up until recently, Anna’s dress was displayed at the Blair County Historical Society’s museum in her old bedroom. The dress was kept in a big box made out of glass, where it has been said to sway and move from side-to-side, all on its own.

9. Robert The Doll


Robert the Doll was once owned by Robert Eugene Otto. A Bahamian servant who had a thing for black magic and voodoo gave the doll to Eugene in 1906. Apparently, the servant wasn’t too pleased with the family and their son, so he decided to curse the doll. There were a number of spooky scenarios associated with the doll. Neighbors claimed that they saw the doll moving from window to window when the family was out, the doll would giggle, and even knock over furniture. When Eugene died, the doll was left in the attic of his house, until the next family that moved in found it. A young girl in the family became the doll’s new owner, but soon became terrified of it, claiming that it was trying to kill her. The doll is now displayed at the Fort East Martello Museum.

8. Tallman Bunk Beds


Alan and Debby Tallman purchased a bunk bed from a second hand shop in February 1987. After they purchased it, they stored it downstairs in the basement for nine months before bringing it upstairs for their children to sleep in. But as soon as they brought it up into their home, things started to get creepy fast. Their children became ill and claimed that they saw a witch, and the radio started to change stations, seemingly all on its own. Eventually the Tallman family got a pastor, and things started to get a little better. However, soon after Christmas of 1988, the haunting started again. After coming home one day, Alan heard a voice urging him to, ‘come here.’ He followed the creepy voice to the garage, where he found a blazing fire. Alan rushed to get a fire extinguisher, but when he came back to put the fire out, it had seemingly disappeared. The family became so fed up with the bunk beds that they decided to burn them, which coincidentally stopped the haunting.

7. The Conjure Chest


About 150 years ago, a wealthy man named Jacob Cooley, ordered his African American slave to build a chest for his first child. After the slave, Hosea, finished making the chest, he showed it to Cooley. It was said that Cooley became so enraged over it, that he beat Hosea to death. After hearing of the death, Cooley’s other slaves made a pact to avenge their friend. They scattered the blood of an owl over the chest and had a ‘conjure man,’ curse it. From then on, the family was cursed with multiple deaths. Cooley’s first-born son died as a baby, and eventually more than 17 deaths were attributed to the cursed chest. The curse is said to have been lifted by a ‘conjure woman,’ and the chest can now be seen at the Kentucky History Museum.

6. The Chair Of Death


Baleroy Mansion, which was once the home of Thomas Jefferson, houses some very historically important artifacts. But it also contains something much more sinister, a deadly chair. The mansion’s last remaining inhabitant, George Meade Easby (who died in 2005) claimed to have seen ghosts walking all around the old house. One of the most infamous tales he told involves the chair of death. The chair is said to be inhabited by a spirit that Easby named Amelia. Legend has it that when Amelia is present, a blue mist surrounds the room and then whoever sits in the chair will die. Many people have disputed this claim and four people have even tried to disprove the paranormal theory by sitting in the chair. Unfortunately for those unbelievers, all of them met their end, soon after sitting in the chair.

5. The Dibbuk Box


The Dibbuk box is a wine cabinet that is supposedly haunted by a dibbuk. If you’re wondering what a dibbuk is, it’s a restless, malicious spirit that is believed to be able to haunt or posseses the living. The Dibbuk box gained fame after it was put on eBay, along with a story of its sinister past. Apparently, The Dibbuk box once belonged to a holocaust survivor before it was given to Kevin Mannis. Upon opening the box, strange things began to happen. Mannis had intense nightmares that he shared with everyone else who had been in possession of the box, or were near the box. His mother even suffered a stroke the same day he gave the box to her as a present, and a strange smells kept coming from the box. The next owners of the box claimed that they started developing health problems, and that the box caused lights to burn out in their houses. The last owner of the box took it to a Rabbi who had it resealed and then hid it in a secret location.

4. The Cursed Painting


In the 1950’s, the “Crying Boy,” (the painting above) was a mass-produced print in the British Isles. However, in the 1980s, the cursed painting gained some media attention for an altogether different reason. A story ran that said that there had been several house fires. In all of these fires was the painting of the “Crying Boy,” and in all of them, the painting was the only item in the house that was left unscathed. After the story ran, the media went crazy, saying that if you owned the picture, you should get rid of it immediately, and even offered to perform a mass bonfire burning to lift the curse.

3. Valentino’s Ring


Rudolph Valentino was one of the greatest silent movie stars of his time, that is until he bought a ring that seemingly screwed everything up. Valentino bought the ring from a jeweler in the 1920’s. Legend has it that when Valentino showed the ring to one of his friends, his friend had a vision of Valentino as pale and lifeless. The next few pictures that Valentino was involved with, flopped at the box office and in the next six years, Valentino would be dead. But the story doesn’t end there. Valentino’s lover became ill after wearing the ring, so much so that it derailed her career for years to come. Russ Colombo, who played Valentino in a biography about his life, wore the ring and died in a shooting accident just a few days later. Finally, a man named Joe Casino bought the ring but decided not to wear it until he thought the curse was lifted. But even after waiting several years to put it on, the curse remained. Casino died within a week of putting on the ring. Today, the whereabouts of the cursed ring are unknown.

2. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror


The Myrtles Plantation has been dubbed one of the most haunted homes in America. Legend has it that the plantation is home to more than twelve ghosts and that a grand total of ten murders took place on the haunted property. One of the creepiest stories to come out of the Myrtle Plantation is the story of the mirror it contains. The mirror supposedly holds the spirits of Sara Woodruff and two of her children. It’s tradition that after a death, the mirrors in houses are covered. But after the poisoning of Sara and her two children, one mirror was overlooked. As a result, the three spirits became trapped in the mirror for all eternity. Visitors of the plantation have reported seeing handprints of the three spirits, and the faces of the two children.

1. Annabelle


In 1970, a mother purchased an antique doll for her daughter, Donna. Donna was a student at the time and lived in a small apartment with her friend, Angie. After the doll was brought into the girl’s home, weird things started happening. The doll started moving on its own and when the girls would leave the doll in one place, when they came back home, it would be in another. To make it even creepier, the girls would find hand-written notes in child’s writing that said, “Help Us.” Then, blood started to appear on the doll. Eventually, the girls had a séance and found out that the spirit was a girl named Annabelle Higgins, who had been murdered on the land that their apartment was built on. Once the girls heard Annabelle’s tragic story, they decided to let her stay, a decision they would come to regret. A few days later, an unseen force viscously attacked their friend Lou, who had told them over and over again to get rid of the doll. Eventually, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren took on the case. The Warrens removed the doll and moved it to where it remains today, the Warren Occult Museum.


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