Paranormal Phenomena

Spooky Gray Man Ghost Sighting Filmed In Pawleys Island


A pair of ‘ghost hunters’ are claiming to have captured the stormy spectre of the legendary Gray Man during Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

According to folklore originating in the neighboring state of South Carolina, the Gray Man appears during stormy weather to warn residents of imminent devastation.

He is believed to have first appeared in 1822, but was sighted before Hurricane Hazel in 1954 and more recently just before Hurricane Hugo arrived in 1989.

Now, footage filmed during a live stream shows a transparent figure appearing to walk along a pier, which is being pummeled by wind, rain and strong waves.

The legend says that the Gray Man is the ghost of a young sailor who was returning to Pawleys Island during a storm to ask a woman for her hand in marriage.

The storm caused him to be thrown from his horse into quicksand, and he died before he could propose to the girl.