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Strange Phenomenon Causes Vehicles to Levitate in China


Remarkable footage has shown the moment two vans and a car started levitating on a Chinese city street.

The three vehicles in separate lanes heading in both directions are moving slowly down the busy street in Xingtai in central China.

Without warning the two vans and the sedan are lifted up to a metre off the ground, with one or two sets of wheels left touching the asphalt.

After a few seconds the vehicles are thrown back to the ground, with the largest van flipped onto its side.

Since being posted online last night the video has attracted hundreds of thousands of views, with most baffled by the ghostly phenomenon.

But eagle-eyed viewers have figured out the simple but unlikely explanation for the sudden weightlessness.

It is believed the truck on the right-hand side of the road hooked a loose cable that had been left strung across the eight-lane road.

As the lorry moved down the street, the cable tightened and subsequently lifted up the vehicles in the other lanes.

The cable theory explains why the vehicles are lifted progressively higher off the ground, the further they are from the truck.

Source: http://www.9news.com.au/