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Black Triangle UFO over Mall in Houston, Texas – June 1st 2016


A security guard at a shopping centre in Texas has captured the moment a mysterious UFO was seen hovering in broad daylight.

The strange object seems to be moving slowly as it passes through the air and appears to be black in colour.

Several customers in the car park can also be seen staring at the bizarre object as it floats several hundred metres above them.

Eventually the craft appears to fly off into the distance before almost disappearing from view.

Tyler Glockner, a self proclaimed UFO hunter and founder of website Secure Team 10 who uploaded the video, suggested that the craft seems to “shapeshift”.

He tells viewers: “It has movements and manoeuvres that seem strange. It doesn’t remind me of any sort of conventional aircraft or drone.”

The footage was reportedly captured outside the King Best Mall in Houston, Texas, earlier this week.