Cab Driver films UFO Hovering over Mariners Wharf, Liverpool on Video – June 2015

Interesting footage of an unknown object hovering over Mariners Wharf, Liverpool, England on Monday, June 29, 2015.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Paul Douglas of Aigburth, was driving along Upper Parliament Street in the direction of the Mariners Wharf on Monday, June 29, 2015, when he noticed a strange object with lights hovering high in the evening sky over the marina.

“It was about 10.20 and I was driving when I saw something strange in the sky. It was over the marina and it was just a mad object in the sky. It sort of looked like a drone but it also had three green lights on it,” he said.

Astonished, Paul at first tried to follow the object with his car, but when it began moving out over the water, he stopped his vehicle at the side of the road and began filming.

According to Paul, it flew towards land from over the water and then back over the water. He also noticed that birds in the vicinity appeared agitated and made a lot of noise as the object flew to and fro.

Paul said he viewed the object in the sky for several minutes before it disappeared.

“It was hovering over the water and I tried to follow it in the car as I was coming down Upper Parliament Street. As it was hovering, the birds were making a funny noise and going a bit mad. Then after a couple of minutes it started going out towards the water again. It was pretty high in the sky as it was floating over the water. I went to the waterfront to ask two fishermen if they saw it as it moved on but they didn’t.”

The video shows the UFO in the sky. It is clearly visible in the night sky and the lights appear to flicker. At a point in the footage, we see a bird flying across the sky in front of the object.

According to Paul, the UFO had three green lights arranged horizontally.

“It looked a bit like horizontal traffic lights. There were three green lights and then one different colored light on the end,” said.

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