Disk Shaped UFO Sighting Filmed over New York – Jan 15 2015

A mysterious jagged-shaped unidentified flying object has been claimed to have been spotted in the sky above New York.

The dark, disc shaped object, is filmed as it hovers in mid-air – in clear daylight.

Uploaded to YouTube on January 15, the footage last just fourteen seconds, before the YouTube user claims his phone shut down due to an unexplained overheating issue.

He also suggests that wildlife in the area were scared away by the object, which was making a mysterious noise.

YouTube user Von Edgar-Land, who uploaded the video to the site, wrote: “Does anyone know what it is?

“Happened in New York in the afternoon of 01/14/2015. Was there for about 3 minutes and making a weird sound that cause the birds to fly away.

Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/news/UFO_seen_hovering_over_New_York_terrified_people_birds_and_wildlife/113003#ixzz3PKWD4dER

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