Large UFO hovers Above Moon, then Lands on Surface

A massive object sits stationary in space above the moon’s surface, as captured through newly released telescope footage.

The object is very large, and reflects light similar to that of a metallic object or relative surface structure.

Over the course of about 15 minutes, the object slowly makes a steady downward descent to the moons surface where it lands and stays.

Through close analysis and from the distance and height of the object above the moon, we can rule out this UFO as being a “tall lunar mountain peak,” as stated by some.

Furthermore, this object closely fits the description of the massive alien craft reportedly on the back side of the moon, a story we originally broke and reported on after our source, “Dr. Norton” revealed to us in satellite photos the presence of massive alien ships surrounding the moon.

We have been given special permission by “ZeroPointUFO” to use and publish his original footage for the purpose of research and discussion among our viewers.

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