Strange UFO sighting filmed over Hollywood, Florida – 2nd September 2015

New video footage of an unknown craft flying over Hollywood in Florida on Wednesday, 2nd September 2015.

Witness report: solid white ball of light, had no physical qualities, had no shadow of solid object
Overnight Security at a construction site. Sitting in the NE corner of the property with a female security guard. We both look up and see it, I immediately record the object moving and take pictures of it. After it was gone I took pictures and video of the flight trail. The ufo was white and very bright. It appeared as a solid ball of light showing no shadow of a solid object like a plane or rocket. It flew into the sunrise and was no longer visible after flying behind a cloud, even though the trail was still visible up until the point it disappeared at. To travel from the coast to thay point of about 1.5 miles, it took a solid 2 minutes.

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