UFO Activity filmed over Montgomery, Ohio – 15th June 2013

UFO fleet over Montgomery , Ohio 15 June 2013 by justa4t

This video of multiple unknown lights was filmed over Montgomery in Ohio on Saturday, 15th June 2013.

Witness report: June 15, 2013 – we were driving home just after dark. I noticed a string of 5 lights in front of me as I drove toward our home. I stopped the car and pointed it out to my wife. We watched as more lights appeared, moving in a Northern direction for over 10 minutes. After a few minutes of watching, I drove the rest of the way home and continued to watch with 3 neighbors across the street that had seen the same lights as they sat around the pool in their backyard. we did not count them, but there were over 2 dozen total. All flying in a horizontal line, though some were slightly higher of lower than the main stream. Speed was fairly consistant for all, though a few seemed a bit faster than the rest. The light(s) of each object would pulsate. Could not tell if there were multiple lights on each causing this blinking, but they glowed orange in color and appeared almost on fire at times. They produced no noise. I estimated the height at 4,000 feet and speed above 150 mph. At first I thought it was a flight of military helicopters, but the speed seemed too fast. Because of different speeds and height, I didnt think it was a series of floating lanterns. Our location was Montgomery, Ohio. Just inside the I-275 loop North of Cincinnati

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